Who Dat!

I confess that only three years ago I cheered for the Colts in the Super Bowl, but I lived in Indiana at the time. It was kind of a requirement. Call me a fan of convenience, if you must, but this year I’m hoping for a Saints victory.

Breesus Saves

I surprised myself the other day by realizing that I was actually worried about who will win in the play-off game between the Cardinals and the Saints on Saturday.

In other news, I’m in the post-holiday slump where there’s not much to look forward to (which might explain the anxiety over an NFL game). It’s actually been rather cold here. On some days, our temperatures were just a few degrees above Salt Lake City’s. However, New Orleans isn’t prepared for cold temperature like the old SLC. Our house has very little insulation and gaps in the doors and windows so that there’s a constant cold draft in the house. We spend our nights wrapped up in blankets. I might have to break down one of these days and get a slanket (I’m pro-slanket, anti-snuggie). But then again, it looks like warmer weather might be returning next week.

I sure hope so. This has been a long winter.