About Me


My name is Katie Elaine. I grew up in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah where I would spend my weekends watching Newsies in junior high and moping about in high school. I grew up reading L.M. Montgomery, Austen, and Bronte and listening to broadway musicals and stealing my brother’s Cocteau Twins albums.

I had a hard time settling on a college.  I attended two before graduating from Utah State University with a BA in American Studies. Two years later, I became a Master of American Studies.  At least, that’s the diploma Purdue University gave me, but I still feel like I have a lot to learn.

After living in New Orleans for almost three years, I moved back to Salt Lake City in 2011.

I started blogging because I once wanted to be a writer. That has changed over time, and now I blog because I experience things and for some reason, I really want to share my experiences. I blog because I am always taking photos of things, and I want a place to put them so others can see what I see. Some call blogging a self-absorbed hobby, and I can see their point. But I think of it as an attempt to connect – to let others see and experience what I do.

Part of that connection is eliciting a response. I would love to hear your response. Please, feel free to leave comments or contact me at KatieElaineArmstrong at gmail.

p.s. The name of this blog comes from this song — Fiery Furnaces: Evergreen.



  1. Amanda · February 9, 2012

    You know Katie I’d never read this. I liked it. I liked what you said about blogging. I’m so glad you do. I love how it connects us. The miles don’t seem to matter so much. I also love how you’ve captured the special moments of my children’s lives. Your blog is a treasure. I hope others will dig it up now and then.

    • katie · March 23, 2012

      Aww… thanks Amanda!

  2. lauren · March 31, 2012

    i put your blog about logansport on my favorites so that i can show everyone. i think you are one funny lady.

    • katie · March 31, 2012

      Thanks Lauren! I’m glad you liked it. I guess I have my funny moments. 🙂

  3. Karen Huber · June 1, 2012

    I love reading your blog and have subscribed to your “My Sloppy Heart” too. Living in SLC I love seeing the city thru someone elses eyes. both sites are the best. I can see why Kris J considers you a good friend. Thanks for sharing your thoughts & views of places I frequent and on those I don’t even know abt YET! Go figure, it wasn’t until last fall searching for a Geocache in the Brigham Young Cemetery that I even knew it exsisted and I’ve lived here since 1976. Keep up the good work.

    • katie · June 4, 2012

      Aww… thanks so much Karen! I love how the Internet brings people together.

  4. Shtina · July 3, 2012

    Your photographs are so beautiful; you really have an artistic eye! (I guess that makes sense considering I found your blog from your lovely collection of favorite Met pieces.) Looking forward to hearing about your European adventures!

  5. Patrick Doughney · February 13, 2014

    You take GREAT photos. I enjoyed viewing your European trip.

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