Catching Up 2: The Zoo

I was so excited to have Jenn and Kyle come visit in New Orleans at the end of November. Not only to spend time with them, but it was the first time I got to meet their new baby, Max. Even though Max is a little too young to really appreciate the zoo, it was such a beautiful day that we decided to visit. I’ve been to the zoo a few times, but I usually only see sections of it each time. This visit started off with the big cats.

And then my favorites, the giraffes.

I saw rhinos for the first time.

These crocs (or alligators, I never know) lie so still, that I forget they are really alive.

Luckily, this one wasn’t alive.

In one section of the zoo, we came across a large crowd of people excitedly snapping pictures. One glimpse, and I started snapping away, too.

So cute! But in my opinion, the best mama and baby in the zoo that day were these two.


Mobile Monday 1

Welcome to a new feature here at sharp and keen: Mobile Monday! This is where I post my favorite pictures of the previous week taken with my mobile phone. (Eh, we’ll give it a try.)

(It’s hard to tell in this next picture, but Penny came to me tonight carrying the Batman mask and insisted that I put it on her. As soon as I did, she got this content little smile and then ran around with it, sometimes on and sometimes off. She looked so cute in her little pajamas and fierce mask.)

the animals

I love getting every other Friday off, especially now that the weather is getting nice! Amanda and I always try to take advantage by going to do something fun in the morning. A few weeks ago, we went to the zoo. Thinking back on our visit, we didn’t actually see very many animals. Amanda and the kids go there quite often since they have an annual pass. It’s really nice that way because we can just wander around for an hour or so without feeling pressure to make good use of our ticket. We did see the flamingos, which are hard to miss because they’re bright pink and right when you enter the Audubon Zoo.

I just love the way their necks fold up. We also saw a pelican.

And some zebras.

I felt like we got up really close to the animals this time. In fact, a giraffe was eating from some bushes not more than 2 feet away from us at one point. It was great to see all the details. I just love the knobby knees.

And then there was the close up look at a T-rex.

Mostly I just enjoy spending some time with these little animals.

(For a better write up of our trip to the zoo, check out Amanda’s blog.)

It seems like I just can’t bring this blog current. Every post is a few weeks after the event. Hopefully I’ll catch up soon.

Audubon Zoo (Part 2)

Audubon Zoo's private swamp

From the Mayan ruins, we went to the Louisiana swamplands, and found an exhibit along the way that I’m not sure if it actually belonged to the zoo or took up residence on its own.

big spider!

Regardless, we didn’t linger near it, but moved on to see some alligators. More especially, some albino alligators.


This one looks like it’s floating in formaldehyde, and since it didn’t move the entire time, I can’t say for sure that it wasn’t.

floating in formaldehyde?

Be careful while wandering through the swamp area, though, because you never know what’s lurking around the corners.

(This guy!)
swamp monster! where's Buffy when you need her?

It wouldn’t be a true swamp experience without rocking on the porch for a while with some Cajun music piped through speakers.

rocking chairs

penny lane

And I discovered something even better than the rocking chair, the footsie wootsie:

footsie wootsies are awesome.

Just stick a quarter into these contraptions and they rejuvenate your feet. Poor Pete, didn’t have a quarter.

get a job!

After relaxing for a spell, we looked at some more swamp scenery and easily spotted the alligators. Can you?

lurking alligators

Ok… good job! But now can you spot the bear?

where's the black bear?

Apparently, the black bears like to climb up to the top of this tower and sleep in the shade during a hot afternoon. I wanted to see them playing about the swamp. Maybe next time.

Peter was worried that the zoo train was after him. He thought he could hear it in the distance, so he ran away. We found him hiding in a corner (and coincidentally, in a perfect “broken doll” pose that I’m sure Tyra would approve).

broken doll pose

We peeked in on a tender moment for some giraffes.

tender giraffes

Amanda watched Peter climb up monkey hill.

monkey hill

While Penny and I waited in what appears to be handicap parking?

wheelchair elephant

and I busied myself taking photos of Penny Lane.

peaking Penny

smiley penny

But when I took this picture

sleepy Penny

we knew it was time to leave. This is where I discover that Amanda’s pretty amazing. Look at this:


That would be her pushing Penny in the stroller and holding Peter and still walking too fast for me to keep up. Yep, amazing.

Audubon Zoo (part 1)


Another place I have been meaning to visit for a long time yet didn’t make it there until recently is the Audubon Zoo. We did try to visit last Christmas, but showed up about 20 minutes before the zoo closed. Since Amanda has a membership and can bring a guest for free, we still browsed a bit. I saw the elephants and the lions and tigers, but there was so much more to see. Since last Friday was my Friday off (I love those bi-weekly holidays), we decided to finally visit the Audubon zoo. The flamingos are the first thing you see.

pete watching the pink flamingos

But the sample out front was just a small part of the huge flock.

flock of flamingos

Pete didn’t have too much time for flamingos, though. He just wanted to run and run.

come on!

And then you stumble upon some old Mayan ruins.

fake Mayan ruins

That’s where they keep the jaguars, but Pete wasn’t scared.

pete and the jaguar

The spider monkies weren’t too far away.

spider monkey, so ponderous

And then the strangest-looking animal I have yet seen with my own two eyes, the anteater.

strangest animal ever

Rounding out our Mayan excursion were some lovely birds.

lovely feathers

long tail

By this time, we needed a good sit.

rest stop

zoo bench

Tune in tomorrow for alligators! bears! and footsie wootsies!