Liberty Park Greenhouse

I am such a sucker for a greenhouse. I don’t know what it is. I just find them so beautiful and elegant. And it’s not even the plants. Of course, they are gorgeous, but it’s really just the building – the white glass. Maybe it’s also the contrast of the bright flowers against the white glass, so in that way, it is the flowers. I only recently noticed that there is a greenhouse at Liberty Park. It’s not quite as beautiful as the Lyman Plant House (my favorite building at Smith College), but it is lovely and the flowerbeds are definitely colorful against it.

Combine the beauty of the greenhouse and surrounding flowerbeds, a chat with my best friend, and a pomegranate smoothie and you’ve got the makings of a pretty great Saturday night.



I feel like I haven’t had a lot of adventures this summer. Time has gotten away from me (can you believe it’s already mid-July?). Life this summer has been made up of lots of little things, as seen in these few photos from the past month or so.

I met up with some friends in Liberty Park at the end of June. Of course, I forgot to take pictures during the event, but it was an absolutely beautiful night.

We celebrated a couple of birthdays. For my mom’s birthday, we took her to the Cheesecake Factory. Now I have to say that I am not a fan of the Cheesecake Factory. It drives me absolutely crazy that people will wait for 2 hours to eat there. I have never had a good meal, but I will say that the cheesecake is good (when it is defrosted all the way through). But my mom loves it there, and they did a great job of making her feel special.

And Liam really liked the whipped cream.

Last week, Mikey turned 31. He celebrated with his friends, but then we had a little family party for him on Sunday.

We always have Sunday dinner together and usually my mom makes rolls. I cannot tell you how delicious these rolls are. They are light and buttery and delicious. We can’t get enough of them.

And of course, it’s fun to spend time with the kids. Liam brought a new transformer that he rolled all over the tables and chairs.

One day I came home to find Liam sleeping on the couch. Is there anything more adorable than a sleeping child? Nope.

Picnic in the Park

One Saturday morning a few weeks back, I was trying to figure out how to spend my day when I got a text from Izzy inviting me to join them for a picnic in the park and to feed the little duckies and goslings. It was an invitation I couldn’t refuse. Izzy made some pbj’s and packed up some fruit. We stopped by the gas station for some drinks (and I brought chocolate) and we headed to Liberty Park.

Despite the sunny day, it was actually a little chilly… as Claire kept reminding us.

A brisk walk over to the pond warmed us up. And on the way, we saw Jesus.

I’m not sure what that was all about but there was a small crew of people there filming something. It was actually kind of strange to see Jesus walking around the park.

We found a nice spot in the sun to tempt the duckies and gozzies with some bread.

A little family took the bait and we ooh’d and aah’d and squee’d a little over the fuzzy little things.

As always, there was a flock of seagulls hovering over the lake. There were also a few stray canoes and paddle boats out and about. I thought it clever of the boy in the canoe to wear a rain coat to, I assume, protect against any seagull droppings.

Aww… these kids. I just love them!

Claire wanted to see if the rides were running yet, so we headed toward the mini amusement park by the aviary and came across the eagle fountain.

Liam decided it was the perfect place to go around and around and around and around.

I liked all the little petals floating about in the water.

Some skaters were doing tricks on the steps next to the fountain, but they kept losing their skateboards. Every time one of their tricks went wrong, Liam just laughed and laughed.

After about the one-hundredth time around the fountain, it was time to move on. Liam was not pleased.

At first it didn’t seem like the rides were open yet, so we decided to move on. Of course Claire noticed that they actually were, but by this time, Liam was getting tired (almost nap time) and it was just time to go home. We couldn’t lt Claire’s sad eyes persuade us otherwise. We just promised that we’d go back another time.

We noticed some sort of fair going on when we first arrived at the park. We had to cross through it to get back to the car. Apparently, it was the Psychic Phair (or something), and it was quite the interesting event. Traditionally there’s a drum circle at Liberty Park every weekend. This was as if the drum circle had organized into a big event.

I had no idea hula hooping had become a thing. Did you know about this? I saw them all over the place there, and there was a big booth selling them.

There were some women there doing hula dancing with the hoops. It was pretty amazing.

I guess I need to start practicing for next year.

Snowy Saturday

Every day last week as I drove to work, I was treated to a beautiful pinky blue sunrise. And every morning, I was frustrated that I had to report to work at 8 a.m. instead of continue driving toward the Great Salt Lake with my camera in tow. So I set my alarm on Friday night to wake up early on Saturday so I could finally take those pictures. Unfortunately, when I peaked out the living room window, I knew there would be no sunrise photos. But the morning wasn’t a total loss. I still pulled on some clothes and headed out for some snowy scenes. I didn’t know where I was going, but I ended up at Liberty Park.

On my way home, I found myself near a church building with a secret garden. I had always wanted to explore the garden, but somehow never got around to it. I guess Saturday was the day.

A walled garden just sounds so romantic. Even in winter, and it was absolutely beautiful.

I love living where there are hills and foothills and mountains because you can just be driving home and stumble upon a view like this down a side street.

I know that in May (and even June), I won’t be very excited about a snowy Saturday. But for right now, it’s just perfect.