Antebellum with a Decidedly 80s Flavor

I remember watching North and South when it first aired in 1985. I loved it! I loved the hoopskirt dresses with lace and ruffles. I loved the dashing soldiers. I loved how sweet Constance was, but also was drawn to the mischevious Ashton. I loved the names: Madelaine, Ashton, Brett. (I even named one of my characters in a short story I wrote in 6th grade, Ashton.) I’ve often thought fondly of the miniseries and wanted to see it again. In this day of the Internet, this has become totally possible! (I love the Internet!)

Amanda and I started watching it the other night. We’re only half-way into the 2nd episode, but so far it is living up to all of my expectations. It’s everything I remembered it being, but my perspective on it has changed quite a bit. Now, instead of paying rapt attention, Amanda and I can make snarky comments. So much better.

To get an idea of how fabulous this miniseries was, please, please, please browse through this flickr collection. Here’s just a peak.



I heard on NPR this morning while driving to work that today is the 20 year anniversaryof the Simpsons, one of my very favorite shows. I thought about listing some of my favorite episodes/quotes/moments for you, but it would take way too much effort. So I’ll just let someone else do it.


Tyra Wisdom!

I woke up this morning excited about three things:

  1. America’s Next Top Model starts up again tonight. (Tyramania!)
  2. I could test out my new, fancy hair dryer.
  3. The delicious Laughing Cow cheese and pretzels I would snack on at work.

That’s enough to get me through a Wednesday.