The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton (Part 1)

You know I love a good road trip. Part of that is a good road to travel. The Cabot Trail in Cape Breton is regularly included in lists of the best roads to drive, and it didn’t take long to discover why.

We started the route in Baddeck. Well, just outside Baddeck. We stayed the night at the Bras d’Or Campground in the quaintest little cottage.


When Erica and I were planning our trip, we had big ideas about our little camping outings. In fact, Erica even packed the trunk with a cooler and skewers for roasting hot dogs and marshmallows. I imagined sitting out on that screened porch and watching the light slip away. But we got into town late and it was much easier just to visit one of Baddeck’s restaurants. We decided, though, to try and catch the sunrise. So I set my alarm for way too early. It was a foggy, cold morning so we bundled up and headed down to the lake.


What we didn’t expect were the mosquitos. So. many. mosquitos.

We gave up on our attempt to view the sunrise. And continued to find mosquito bites all over our ankles, shins, arms, etc. over the next few days. I still love the idea of sitting back in these Adirondack chairs. Mosquitos gotta ruin it all.



We traveled the Cabot Trail in a counter-clockwise direction because that put us on the side of the road with all the views. We first stopped in Ingonish. We saw the Keltic Lodge high on the cliffs and decided to drive in for a closer look.




If I were really wealthy, I would summer here. (I’d do a lot of things if I were really wealthy.) It was so beautiful in Ingonish that we decided to pause our road trip and spend an hour or two at the beach. We changed into our swimwear and pulled up a patch of sand. The water was still too cold for us to do more than dip our toes in, but a little people-watching, a little book-reading, a little sunbathing was just perfect.


After an hour or so, we were ready to head out again.





There was still a lot of road to travel before we reached our next lodging. But I think this might be a good place to stop for now.



  1. Kayla Catalano · March 3, 2016

    Looks absolutely stunning! xx

    • katie · March 6, 2016

      Thank you Kayla!

  2. Kristina V. · March 6, 2016

    Cape Breton is my home, and I love seeing people enjoy it. It’s a seriously beautiful place (I don’t think I’m that biased..)

    • katie · March 6, 2016

      Oh I am jealous. We were ready to pack up and move. It’s so lovely.

      • Kristina V. · March 6, 2016

        Hopefully you get to go back! If you’re interested in hiking, there’s some amazing trails that can take anywhere from an hour to a couple days that are breathtaking.

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