Panmure Island and Montague

When we left Cavendish, we headed to the other side of the island. We were going to stay the night in Montague, so we could be closer to the Wood Islands ferry early in the morning. We stopped off at the hotel, which was actually a little cottage on the river, dropped off our bags, changed into swimwear and headed to Panmure Island. Before hitting the beach, though, we visited the lighthouse because we were trying to see them all.


I had hoped that visiting in July would mean more beach time, but each time we tried, it was actually windy and a little too cold. So we visited the beach in swimsuits and cardigans. But it was still lovely to lay out in the sun and read or just close my eyes and feel the breeze and the sand in my hands.


Later that night, we decided to have a picnic on the deck outside of our cottage. It overlooked the Montague River and its wharf. So we ate KFC and waited for the stars to come out, so I could try and capture the night sky.




I’m pretty sure this is my hand accidentally passing in front of the lens during the long exposure, but I like the way it turned out.


It was a magical way to spend the last night on a magical island.


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