New London Lighthouse

Something I didn’t realize about Prince Edward Island before I visited there was that it has a lot of lighthouses. Like, a lot. BUT they’re not exactly the lighthouses that you might imagine. There are those tall, kind of octagonal ones (sometimes striped), but for the most part, we came across squat square ones. So we saw lighthouses marked on the map (and we decided that we wanted to see as many of them as we could), but we never knew what to expect when we actually found them. I was not disappointed by the New London Lighthouse.


When Anne and Gilbert marry, they move to a village called Glen St. Mary where they have their House of Dreams. One of their neighbors is an old sea captain who is now a light keeper and lives in the lighthouse. I imagine it looked something like this.


If only Captain Jim still lived there and could spin us yarns of his adventures. Or if only I could fix up the lighthouse, make it cozy, and live surrounded by that tall sea grass and salty breeze.




My own House of Dreams.




  1. writerandnaturelover · February 15, 2016

    Wonderful photos and great post.

  2. Marcia Strykowski · February 19, 2016

    I ❤ lighthouses!

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