The Anne of Green Gables Museum

If you’re an Anne-with-an-E fan, then of course, Green Gables is the number one place on your list to visit. But if you’re a Lucy Maud Montgomery fan, then you’ll definitely want to visit the Anne of Green Gables Museum. It’s a little misnamed, I think, but it makes sense that they’re pulling people in with Maud’s most famous character.


Really, though, the museum honors L. M. Montgomery’s life. There, you’ll find the organ she played for many weddings, the living room where she married her husband, and the room where she stayed with family on her visits back to Prince Edward Island.




It’s a more intimate look at her life, and I loved seeing the actual pieces of furniture and first editions and art on the wall. Before visiting PEI, I read the biography The Gift of Wings to find out more about Maud’s life. Combine that with visiting the home that is still maintained by her family connections, and I felt like I really knew her. At least, more than just as the name on the covers of my books.


Another reason the Anne of Green Gables Museum was so interesting, though, is that the house itself was the inspiration Silver Bush — as in Pat of Silver Bush, one of the non-Anne books. In Pat of Silver Bush, we meet Pat Gardiner who loves her home more than anything, really. I love that Montgomery made homes just as much a character in books as the people. It’s something that definitely influenced me as I grew up. I knew Green Gables, New Moon, Silver Bush, the little house on Lantern Hill, the Blue Castle, just as well as I knew Anne, Emily, Pat, Jane, and Valancy. So it thrilled me to see this house.



So definitely go to Green Gables, but I’d also recommend stopping here.

(And bonus – the Lake of Shining Waters is right across the street. Non-bonus – we didn’t get a picture of it.)


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