Chasing After Sand Dunes

On our way to Dalvay-by-the-Sea, we could see a magnificent sand dune looming ahead. After lunch, we went in search of access to it. We found a boardwalk surrounded by tall grass, which led to a beach path where a row of dead deep purple jellyfish lay between us and the water.PEI-Beach-trail-entrance



We climbed over a smaller dune to a wide expanse of sand.





The enormous dune we saw from the road ended up being on a sandbar, unreachable to us. And you know, it didn’t seem quite as big as we got closer to it, which defied all logic. But it didn’t matter. It was heaven just to stand on the beach with that salty wind playing havoc with our hair.

We wanted to see more dunes, though, and more beaches, so we drove to another beach in the Prince Edward Island National Park. This one had an official lifeguard and everything.


(I need to pause here to say that when I got out of the car to photograph the flower-lined road, I was greeted with the most amazing smell! I couldn’t identify it, but it was so fresh and fragrant. Sigh.. I just love PEI.)





I had hoped that by visiting at the end of July, the water would be warm enough for swimming. We spent some time at a few different beaches during our visit, but we never got more than our ankles wet. I didn’t really mind, though. It was enough just to be there and feel the sand through our fingers and toes.

And we topped it all off with a visit to one of PEI’s famous lobster suppers.


It was my first experience with a whole lobster, and the lobster supper was definitely the way to go. We got mussels, a salad, potato, dessert and a whole lobster. They even put a bib on me, which didn’t keep me from getting butter on my shirt. I might as well confess this here. I had a lot of lobster during the whole trip — a whole lobster, lobster chowder, lobster pasta, a lobster roll — but I’ve decided that I’ve had enough lobster. I didn’t dislike it, but I’m just not passionate about it.

I did, however, love all of the lobster shacks and cages we came across everywhere on PEI and in Nova Scotia. This is the first one we saw, but there are so many better ones to come!



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