Erica and Cristen Visit Salt Lake – Part 2

The tricky part about showing people my hometown and state is that Utah is so big and the landscape is so diverse. I would have loved to take Erica and Cristen to visit one of our national parks, but the closest one is still almost 4 hours away and our weekend was too short for that. As an alternative, I decided to take them up to see the Spiral Jetty… and since I had a professor of US History with me, we had to stop at the Golden Spike National Historic Site.




The last time I visited there, they re-enacted the meeting of the trains, but it was too early in the season for that. However, a bunch of visitors got to caravan over to the shed where the ranger told us all about the event.


And then we were off to the Spiral Jetty. I was worried that my little car would have a hard time with the dirt road, but I figured if it survive the road to the Sun Tunnels, it could make it to the jetty. And actually, the road was just fine. I had seen some pictures of my friend visiting the Spiral Jetty just the week before Erica and Cristen came to town and the jetty was almost covered in water. I was kind of hoping it would be the same for us. When I visited before, the jetty was encased in salt, so I was hoping for a different view.

The water was a little higher than my first visit, but the jetty was still in full view.








After climbing down to walk along the spiral path, we decided to climb up a littler higher to see it from above.


Although, I wasn’t really willing to climb to the top of the hill like Erica did. (Although, after seeing her photo from up top, I might try it next time.)




I decided that we had enough light left to make another stop on our way back into Salt Lake from the jetty. I took them to Antelope Island. I’ve only been there once before, and though I did see some bison, they were just little brown dots in the distance. This time we saw some almost immediately upon entering the island. And they were close!




They even crossed the road right in front of us to get to a little pond of water.



Mostly, I loved how excited Erica and Cristen were to see the bison. That made it even better. We drove a little further hoping to see a few more, but mostly saw some vistas and photo ops.



Since we weren’t seeing any more bison along the road, we turned around because I wanted to make it to the beach before sunset. We got there just in time.







I didn’t end up taking many photos during the rest of the trip. We brunched at Ruth’s Diner, shopped for souvenirs, and then I had the brilliant idea of taking them up to Silver Lake. It’s such a beautiful spot. I didn’t even think about how it would still be completely covered in snow.



Oh well… that’s what happens when you visit Salt Lake in March. They’ll just have to come back again in the summer so we can enjoy the mountains more.


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