Bear Lake Weekend

One of the perks of my job is the opportunity to book a condo in St. George or Bear Lake for free. The only downside is that it’s based on seniority and you have to do all your booking in December for the upcoming year. I’m still pretty new at the company (just over 2 years now), so I kept getting bumped from the time slots I really wanted. I just hoped that in booking the condo in Bear Lake (located in Northern Utah) in mid-April, I’d get some warm weather. Well, it didn’t quite turn out that way. This has been a really drawn-out winter and the winters last even longer an hour or two north. By the time we got up to the condo on Friday it was already late and we basically just went straight to bed. In the morning, we looked out the balcony and were greeted by this:


Not very promising. We weren’t expecting to go swimming or anything, but we were hoping to maybe build some sand castles. We stayed indoors and watched some movies they had on hand (classics like The Shaggy Dog and Roman Holiday)). Liam and Claire loved the banana chairs.


We braved the rain to go out and get some lunch (including some of Bear Lake’s famous raspberry shakes). The whole time, we hoped the sun would come out. It eventually stopped raining at least, so Mikey, Claire, and I decided to bundle up as much as we could (we weren’t quite prepared for the cold weather), and venture out.



It’s hard to tell whether it was spring or fall, huh?




I could hear the ice crashing up against the rocks. It sounded like glass.




The next morning was much sunnier and brighter.


We had to check out of the condo by 10 a.m., but we went back to the lake to bask in the sun. Little did we realize that it was still so cold, but hey, sunny! We couldn’t really build sand castles, but we at least hunted for seashells. Very tiny ones.





We took a different route home, so we could travel through Logan Canyon (scenic byway). I kept seeing the lake in the rearview mirror looking so blue and perfect as we climbed the canyon road. I was relieved to find a scenic overlook near the summit, so we could pull over for a photo.


I insisted that we stop off quickly at Utah State to pay some respects to my alma mater. I would have liked to see more of the campus, but no one else was that interested, so I settled for Old Main and tried to convince Claire to become an Aggie in the future. I don’t think she was completely on board, but I still have a few years to talk her into it.




We stopped for lunch and then headed back to Salt Lake. It was a super short weekend getaway, but it was such a nice break from the norm. We got to spend lots of time together as a family (my mom, Matt & Izzy and the kids, and Mikey were all able to come), and wake up to a different view. And it was all for free (well, except for the food and stuff). Not too shabby.


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