Happy Easter!

I think Easter may just be my favorite holiday. It’s nice and springy (usually). The candy is awesome. All the beautiful pastel colors and decorations. Easter dresses and hats and baskets. Plus, a beautiful message of life conquering death. What could be better? This year, I got to help Claire and Liam dye some eggs on Friday night when their mom got called in to work.




4_Claire-and Liam



And today, I got to hide the Easter eggs before church. I hid some around the apartment and then some outside, banking on the hope that if others in the complex found them, they would just leave them be. Luckily they did, but we did have some people taking advantage of the weather and laying out on the front lawn in just their swim trunks. It made the Easter egg hunt a little awkward.


Claire spent hours hand sewing a sock bunny for each of us. Then she went and hid them, too, so we had to find our own. It was fun to have a little hunt for the adults, too.



As part of their Easter gifts, Claire and Liam got this huge jumbo ball – basically like a padded hamster ball for kids. We had some time before dinner, so Izzy, Matt, and Claire took turns with the hand pump and finally got it inflated. Claire crawled inside first and got rolled around. It attracted quite the audience and some other kids joined in.





Hope you all had just as much fun this Easter!


One comment

  1. goldenfever · April 1, 2013

    those sock bunnies are ADORABLE!!! I want one! Can adults go in the ball? It looks like so much fun! What ever happened to just rolling around in an old tire tube? Miss y’all!

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