A Little Marseille

This is it, you guys. The final post about my trip to Europe back in September/October. I’ve only been blogging about it for 5 months now. I honestly had no idea it would take so long, but it was such a dense, wonderful trip, full of so many adventures and beautiful places. I wanted to do it justice. And here I am at the end. I’m a little sad about that. The trip is really over now. I guess it’s time to start planning my next one.

We really didn’t spend much time in Marseille. We used it more as a hub for visiting nearby Aix-en-Provence and Arles. But we ate dinner each night Marseille and did a little wandering. I have to say, though, that Marseille wasn’t our favorite city. However, I was just doing some google image searching to try and identify some photos I took and kept coming across one gorgeous photo after another and all sorts of worthwhile places to visit in Marseille that we missed. We blame construction and bad directions. The entire old port was under construction during our visit, so we didn’t get that picturesque view. And we tried to make it to Notre-Dame de la Garde one evening, but we couldn’t figure out the bus system. It was really confusing. And then there was the disappointing market.

I had read that some of the street markets were pretty amazing and similar to a Moroccan souk, but when we got to Marseille I couldn’t remember what it was called or when it was. We looked at a tourist guide and I thought I found the right one. So we walked there before going to Arles. It was quite a lovely walk. The thing that I loved most about Marseille wer the rows and rows of houses just like these.


I just love those French windows and delicate wrought iron balconies. We also walked past this beautiful bell tower.


And then when we got to the market… well, it just wasn’t quite what we expected. I was hoping for fruits, veggies, soaps, and spices, but I found stuff like this:


Along with lots of shoes and luggage. Yeah, not the treasure trove or souk experience I was hoping for. So we went to Arles. When we got back, we went to explore more of Marseille. We stumbled across the Cantini Fountain.


And some buildings that I liked the look of.


But, like I said, we couldn’t figure out how to get to Notre-Dame de la Garde and just decided to head back to the apartment for some dinner and to get ready for our long trip home. But we had one thing we just had to do.

Everywhere we went in France, we saw beautiful carousels, and there was one right by our apartment. We had to go for a ride.


And we had to get some more pastries while we still had the chance. We were low on euros, though, so we asked the store if they accepted credit cards. They would as long as we spent 15 euros. That actually buys quite a lot of pastries. And they were definitely worth it.


So with that, the retelling of EuroAdventure 2012 comes to a close. But I’ve had so much fun writing about my travels that I’ve decided to start a whole separate blog dedicated to traveling. Don’t worry, I’ll still blog here about my everyday life. But if you’d like to follow my travel plans, daydreams, and adventures, feel free to pop over to Travel Is My Yes. Add it to your reader or subscribe by email. I’d be ever so grateful.




  1. Kristin · March 8, 2013

    Thanks for letting me enjoy your adventures. Loved the pictures. Loved the blog entries. Loved it all!

  2. Amanda · March 9, 2013

    When you come to visit will you bring me a box of pasteries like that, please! I want! What a great adventure, thanks for sharing!

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