Berlin Burial Grounds and Gardens

After visiting the museums, we decided to view a different kind of history by visiting the cemetery attached to St. Matthew’s Church – famous for being the burial grounds of the Brothers Grimm. When we got off at the stop for the church, I think we were both surprised. It felt like walking into another world because the stop was surrounded by trees and birdsongs. It didn’t feel like the city at all. It was almost as if we were walking into our own fairytale.

And the ivy-covered, stone and wrought-iron gate made it even more fairytale-like.

But inside, it felt more cheerful than I expected. Kind of homey, in a way, with the candles and smaller, unimposing tombs.

That’s not to say, however, that there wasn’t elements of a dark tale in the making.

When I was doing my study abroad in Austria, I visited some of the cemeteries there and was surprised at how frequently I saw people tending to the graves. I thought it was really beautiful that people cared for them personally. It looks like the tradition is shared with Germany because there were lots of watering cans available and even a little cafe near the church to accommodate those visiting.

The sun was getting lower, and we knew that we didn’t have much light left in the day. We really wanted to see the Tiergarten, a large park in the center of the city, so that was our next stop. One of the entrances is right across from the Brandenburg Gate. The trees were just starting to turn when we were there in late September. It was so beautiful.

I wish we could have explored more of the garden, but it’s huge, and we were getting pretty hungry. One of the downfalls of traveling in the fall was shorter days, but I think the beautiful weather made up for it. On our last evening in Berlin, we got Chinese food. It just sounded good, and you know, it was. We had reservations for a later train to Dresden the next day, hoping to catch a long breakfast, but we had lots of repacking to do and since we were taking the bus to the train station, it ended up taking almost an hour to get there. There just never is quite enough time.

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