Greeks, Egyptians, and Assyrians – Museum Island in Berlin

Something super convenient about Berlin is that many of its world-class museums are located in one location. We bought the Berlin Pass with Museum Island, so we had free access to all of the museums on Museum Island. To be honest, it didn’t end up being worth it because we weren’t really in Berlin long enough to take advantage. But it was nice to know that all of our entrance fees were covered and we could visit some museums that we might otherwise not have seen. While I love (almost) all art, I definitely have a preference for 18th to 20th Century European painting and sculpture, but when you’re in Berlin, you have to see the Pergamon Altar and the Ishtar Gate at the Pergamon Museum. They really are incredible. So often I only see Greek art as a single sculpture, so it’s really cool to see it all pieced together.

Here are some scenes from the frieze around the altar depicting the battle between the Olympians and the Giants. And yeah, it is totally awesome.

Here’s a ferocious lion taking a chomp out of someone.

But don’t worry because the lion gets his.

This is part of the Market Gate.

In the next room, you’ll find the Ishtar Gate – one of the gates to Babylon.

Some Assyrian art.

After the Pergamon Museum, we walked just a little bit to visit the Neues Museum, which specializes in Egyptian and early history art. It features the famous Nefertiti bust, but they don’t allow any photos in there. It’s such a beautiful building. Apparently it was significantly damaged during WWII, but it was restored.

So many of the Egyptian figures displayed tender relationships. So sweet.

We also stopped by the Berliner Dom just to soak in the perfect weather. I succumbed to the lure of the green grass and laid down for a while. Sometimes those are just the best memories. Well, that and the adorable school kids holding hands on their way to the museum.

It’s the little things.



  1. Shtina · November 26, 2012

    Those are beautiful pictures of some amazing art. I visited Pergamon in Turkey this summer, but now I see what was once there!

    • katie · November 29, 2012

      I have loved reading about your experiences in Turkey. In fact, they made me even more excited to see the Greek, Assyrian, and Egyptian art in the museums. 😀

      • Shtina · November 29, 2012

        Aww thanks! It’s also totally your fault if I go to Normandy and/or the Loire Valley next year 😉

  2. S. Wilde · November 26, 2012

    So jealous and excited for you at the same time. Some day . . . .

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