The Paris Opera House

Let’s start this post with a sad story. On our final day in Paris, Cristen wanted to visit Pere Lachaise Cemetery. As much as I adore cemeteries (and Pere Lachaise is a prime example of a beautiful cemetery), I really wanted to visit the Musee d’Orsay, so we decided to split up for the morning. I only had a few hours, but it would be enough to visit some of my favorite paintings. So I took our metro up to the Saint Michel stop to catch the C train to the museum. Somehow I ended up on the wrong train. I still don’t know how this happened because I could have sworn the direction was correct and I’m usually pretty good with public transportation (I had the NYC subway mastered after a weekend). No problem, though, right? I’ll just get off at the next stop and turn around. The thing is, the C train is a little different than a regular metro train because it’s an RER train. So I got off and went up and over to the other side and got back on the next train, but it became apparent after a very long train ride that it was not taking me in the right direction. It was actually taking me further the wrong direction and out of the zone on our metro pass. I ended up way out in Choisy-le-Roi. Let’s look at a map:

I was trying to get to the star (which, I might point out, was just one stop away) and because it was an express train, I ended up at the arrow. Yeah, pretty far away. Plus, it was actually out of my metro pass zone, so I was anxious the whole time that I would be stopped and forced to pay a fine. I was able to make it back to Saint Michel without a problem, but the whole mistake took up way too much time and I didn’t make it to the Musee d’Orsay.

But I did make it to our meeting spot, the Opera de Paris Garnier, with some time to spare so I joined several other people already on the steps and settled in for some people watching.

At some point, this whole group of chefs gathered. I wondered if they were going on strike, but there weren’t any picket signs or anything. Maybe it was a field trip?

I’ll never know… they all walked away somewhere else. I also had some time to walk around the building and admire the details.

I met up with Cristen and we went inside for a tour. We had hoped to attend a performance, but when I looked into tickets they were quite expensive. The 9 euros for a self-guided tour seemed like a great deal in comparison.

I expected Versailles to be gaudy and over-the-top with ornamentation and glitz. I loved it, but it didn’t quite meet my expectation. The Paris Opera House, on the other hand… I mean…. wow. It was incredible!

Of course, it would have been amazing to get all posh and fancy and see a performance there. As long as the chandelier doesn’t come crashing down that is.


One comment

  1. Amanda · October 31, 2012

    Those pictures were amazing! I love palaces! I don’t think I’d mind living in one. I loved seeing the Hermitage in St. Petersburg. They really are soooo grand. That is what you miss out on with plantations. You think they are going to be all grand. But really they are just a big house. I guess for back then they were really grand. But the Hermitage and Versailles and this Opera house, definitely GRAND! Bravo!

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