trip prep: point of interest cheat sheets

We just wound up two days in Prague. We planned to visit the Old Jewish Cemetery and explore some of the winding alleys and streets. Maybe we climbed the steps up to the castle or watched a marionette show.

I’m the type of traveler who does tons of research before I leave. I like to figure out all of the points of interest that I could possibly see, even though I know it’s unlikely I will have time to see them all. But if I can gather all of the information, then I can make informed decisions about how to spend my time. I don’t usually schedule my days because I like to remain flexible. I know there are a lot of variables when you travel – weather, moods, health, and energy level. So if I have all of the options ready beforehand, I can easily select something that sounds appealing.

For this trip, I created cheat sheets for each city. They’re basically just a Word doc with a table. I wrote down what I wanted to see, directions to the place (mostly the nearest public transportation stop), hours, and the admission fee.

I also wrote down notes about public transportation or visitor passes. I almost always get a day pass for public transportation on all of my trips. I like feeling completely free to take the subway/tube/metro/etc. as needed. I think this is because of my first trip to London. It was at the very end of a 10-day trip over our Christmas break when I was studying in Austria. It was raining and cold, and I was exhausted. I had no money, but I was just too tired to make it back to our hostel. I decided to take the tube. And overdrew my bank account. Anyway, I always like to find out what transportation options are available.

I’d be happy to share my research. If you’re planning to visit London, Paris, Hamburg, Berlin, Dresden, Prague, the Romantic Road, Nice, or Marseille, send me an email (katieelainearmstrong {at} gmail) and I’ll pass along my cheat sheets.


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