Campus Tour

I love a good college campus — the trees, the old buildings, the statue, the kids walking around with backpacks and lounging with books. It’s all just so idyllic. Sometimes I regret that I ended my academic career after my masters so I didn’t get to spend the rest of my life on a college campus. Luckily I get to live vicariously through my brother-in-law. And when he’s grading three sessions of math tests, I get to remember how awesome it is that I never have to worry about work once I leave the office. On Sunday, Mike and the family took me on a tour of the Colorado School of Mines campus.

The Colorado School of Mines has a lot going for it. Sure the academics are great, but more importantly, it has an awesome name and a pretty cool mascot – Blaster the Burro. Mike has actually seen the real live Blaster walking around campus, but we had to settle for the statue. The kids love Blaster. They like to feed him baby apples from a nearby tree.

The kids could do that for hours. Molly was more interested in sleeping. We finally persuaded them to leave the burro behind to go visit the statue of the chief. But first, we stopped by a beautiful building with the crest of the school on it.

And near the building is, in Peter’s words, “the smoothest rock ever!”

Mike helped the girls give the chief a hug.

Lucy stopped to check in on Molly while Peter walked all the way around the statue.

And then they played on the rocks for a while. Seriously, these kids are getting too easy. They mostly just entertain themselves and play with each other.

While walking around campus, Mike was telling us about the amazing view of Tabletop Mountain in one of the classrooms in which he teaches. We tried to go inside to see it but the doors were locked. Peter ended up finding an open one, though, so we all took the elevator up to the third floor. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind teaching in this room.

Or just hang out in this little area.

We had one more sculpture to visit on our way back to the car.

The engineering sculpture. The kids loved climbing it.

It’s too bad Mines only offers a Humanities minor. I wouldn’t have minded spending lots of time at that campus.

Just for good measure, I’ll close out this post with a few extra photos of Molly.


  1. izzy · September 10, 2012

    Everything about this post is beautiful. The campus, the children, the baby, Amanda and yes even Mike. Love you guys! Way to go Nicholas family.
    Aunt Izzy

  2. Kate · September 10, 2012

    What a pretty campus! I love how the cloudy skies look in your pictures. And now, for your next post, please explain how your sister has 4 kids, including a new baby, and continues to look beautiful and put together in every single picture!

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