Patriots and Pioneers

Turns out I forgot to blog about our Independence Day and Pioneer Day activities, and I always slightly feel like if I don’t blog about it and share pictures from it then it never really happened. So even though it was over a month ago and now summer is on its way out, let’s take a look back and enjoy a little summer barbecue.

Claire found a clever way to keep the sparklers quick at hand.

We were planning to walk over to Sugar House Park to see the fireworks, but by the time we were all ready, we realized that we would be too late. So Izzy and I ran to the store to pick up some driveway fireworks.

On the way home from Matt and Izzy’s on the fourth, my mom and I ended up with the perfect spot for fireworks. I was trying to find a place to park when I got pulled over by a police officer for going too slowly. He was quite upset with me and said that if I wanted to watch the fireworks then I should pull off to the side of the road and stay put and not make it difficult for people who were trying to get somewhere. So with the officer’s position to park in a no parking zone, we watched the fireworks from the car. And then we could make a fast getaway when they were over so we weren’t stuck in traffic.

On Pioneer Day, you can pretty much just repeat the events of the Fourth, except this time we successfully made some shapes with sparklers.


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