Katie/Claire Days

Outings with Claire are sometimes an exercise in negotiation. I started off by suggesting that we ride the snowbird tram to look at wildflowers. She countered with an afternoon riding waterslides at Classic. I suggested that there are some activities that are Katie/Claire activities and some that are more fun with a friend her own age. After discussing a few other options, we decided on Tracy Aviary to see the new Owl Forest exhibit and go on some rides at the amusement park area afterward.

Side note: I’m so annoyed because I accidentally erased some of the photos, including a really cute one of Claire and me sporting our matching tattly tattoos. Here’s a picture of it on Claire, though.

Claire and I have been to the aviary before (once when she was four and again a few years ago, with Izzy and baby Liam), so we hurried through most the aviary, except for a stop at my favorite place – Destination Argentina. You actually get to be in the same room as the birds, instead of looking at them through cages.

And of course stopped by the flamingos to say hello.

We really wanted to see the bird show that started at 2:30, but we had about half an hour to while away, so we decided to lay down in a patch of shadow and just relax for a bit.

That’s when the peacock decided to join us.

The peacock got closer and closer but eventually went around us, much to my relief, and moved on to terrorise and delight other visitors. We had just enough time to visit Owl Forest before the show began.

Although I’ve visited the aviary several times, I’ve never actually seen the bird show, so I didn’t know what to expect. Claire and I were the first ones to find a seat, so we got the perfect ones, right in the middle. And we had birds flying right over our head!

Tracy Aviary also has a really nice new visitor center, so we stopped inside on our way out the door. Claire found a little perch all her own.

We bought a few ride tickets, so we could go on the ferris wheel together, and then Claire wanted to go on the swings. I love the little rides at Liberty Park. They’re so unassuming.

(Claire looks really sad in the next picture, but I promise she was having a great time.)

A week later, Claire and I went to see the Potter Puppet Pals at Kilby Court. I was so glad that one of my friends at work mentioned they were coming because Claire absolutely loves them. If you are wondering who the Potter Puppet Pals are, here is probably their most famous video:

I really didn’t know what to expect from this concert. First of all, I had no idea how many people would be there. Imagine my surprise when there was already a huge line by the time we got there (2 minutes before it started) and people had printed off tickets from advanced purchases. By the time we got inside the venue, it was totally packed.

Let’s just take a brief aside here to talk about how nostalgic I got taking Claire to her first show at Kilby Court. I have so many memories of seeing bands there — like Of Montreal (only my second blog post ever) and his name is alive and M. Ward and Tilly and the Wall and hanging outside Kilby when the shins played because it was all sold out. It has actually been a few years since I’ve gone to a show there, but it is still the same. I hope it’s the first of many shows that Claire will see there. But maybe not on her own for a few years yet.

I took a few pictures during the show, but they all basically look like this.

Claire got to sit right up front (and of course made some friends) while I hung out on the side (and actually made a friend of my own). I didn’t know anything from the PPP other than the video above, so it was all new material to me, and I thought it was very witty and amusing. And most important, Claire loved it and my position as favorite aunt is still secure.



  1. rebekah · August 14, 2012

    Your pictures are beautiful! It’s been a long time since I’ve been to the aviary, at least 13 years. It looks a lot nicer than I remember it. I’m going to have to go check it out. and I’m so jealous about puppet pals. I’ll have to content myself with youtube 🙂

  2. goldenfever · August 17, 2012

    I don’t normally approve of tattoos, but those are way cute! You for sure have to do the tram. It is amazing!!! Claire would looove it!

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