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At the end of June, I spontaneously decided to take Illustrator 101 from Nicole’s Classes. I honestly don’t know why. I guess it’s because whenever I tried to use Illustrator for covers for my mix CDs or just to play around with it, I always felt frustrated and confused. It wasn’t anything like Photoshop, and it bugged me that I didn’t know how to use it. So I got an email one day from Nicole’s Classes offering a discount, and I went for it.

I didn’t know what to expect from the class, and to be honest, I wondered if the learning platform they used would even be more helpful than reading a book or watching video tutorials. Perhaps for some people, it wouldn’t, but here’s why it helped me:

1. There were deadlines. I need deadlines. I am the kind of person that will always put off something for another time because I always have a million other things that I want to do (and sometimes that is tv or the internet). So having a deadline for homework assignments and a schedule to follow really helped me.

2. The combination of text and video. I liked that the videos supplemented the written word. I think it’s great that they offered both. I would often read through the lesson and then watch the video and then if there was something I was confused about, I was able to re-read the section on it. The combination of both really helped me learn faster.

3. The opportunity to get feedback. This was huge, and to be honest, it was both what I liked and disliked about the class. I’m not used to getting constructive criticism anymore, especially on something that I’m doing as a creative outlet. Even though Alma, the instructor, was really positive and encouraging, it was still a little hard to read them when I had spent so much time working on a project. But in the end, they were always helpful.

I have to confess that I totally slacked off toward the end of the month. I just got too busy to dedicate the time I wanted to for the classes and I couldn’t think of anything to create for the third homework assignment. So I didn’t take advantage as well as I could have, but I did want to share my favorite piece that I made. The assignment was to create an announcement/invitation. I made up a fake going-away party. I guess I have traveling on my mind. I won’t share with you the before, but here is the after.

Keep in mind, I didn’t know anything about Illustrator when I first started the class. I know I have a lot more to learn (and especially a lot of practice to do), but I feel like I at least have the basics. Now I’m wondering what my next class will be…


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  1. Amanda · August 6, 2012

    Katie that turned out super cute! I think you’ll have a great future as my personal assistant!

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