I’m on Top of the World (in NYC)

Thursday was my long day at the conference. I went in the morning and didn’t get out again until the early evening. Mikey, meanwhile, met up with a friend in the Financial District, so after my conference, I rode the subway all the way to its final stop at South Ferry to meet up with him. Then it was time to visit the one thing in the city that I was really eager to visit the High Line. I kept hearing such great things about this relatively new park. Basically, the High Line used to be a railroad that ran along the west side of the island. But now, it’s an awesome little promenade with the perfect combination of nature, urban scenes, and refreshing popsicles.

There are a few places on the High Line where you can sit overlooking the traffic. This is where we rested for a while so I could enjoy my strawberry rhubarb popsicle (yum) and Mikey could post pictures on facebook. He’s much better at posting in real time than I am.

Don’t these flowers look like badminton birdies? A perfunctory Google search tells me they might be echinacea.

I loved catching little peeks at the Empire State Building. Nothing says New York City to me more than that building.

The great thing about the High Line is that you’re at the same level as things that you would normally see from far below, like this stained glass window in a church.

I couldn’t help but think about the people who lived along the High Line, though. Once they thought their apartments were private and now they have hundreds of people strolling past their homes every day. Which is why this window covering is hilarious and appropriate.

From the heights of the High Line, we went to the Top of the Rock. I heard from several people that this is the best view in New York City. It’s even better than the Empire State Building because you get to see the Empire State Building from its observation deck. You might recall that Mikey and I had already tried to visit the Top of the Rock twice with no success. So I got on my little phone and bought tickets in advance. This time, we were definitely going to the top. I think we chose the perfect time… just as the sun was setting.

I don’t usually take photos of people that I don’t know, but I couldn’t help myself with this visitor. I kept thinking she was run Lola run or the girl with the dragon tattoo, and I wanted to know if she was scoping something out. But she was probably just a regular old tourist.

But what about the Empire State Building? It’s on the other side…

Did you see it? Here’s a better picture.

It’s so easy to think of New York City in abstract or as one thing… a city. I love looking down at these buildings and thinking about how they are all made up of individuals. There are millions of lives happening all at once. It can be overwhelming to contemplate, but I also think it’s a little bit wonderful.



  1. Sara · June 22, 2012

    Love, love, love! Great pictures, too.

  2. Amanda · June 24, 2012

    Katie that high line looks so cool! NYC is sooooo BIG! I loved your last comment. So true. What an amazing place. Thanks!

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