Kenosha in the Spring (pt. 4)

After we finished making the world’s best chocolate chip cookies, we got ready for church. Then we had some time to play, so that’s we hung out in the playroom for a while.

Whenever I would go to take a photo of the kids, I would often crouch down so I was more on their level. Apparently, Lucy picked up on this because every time she saw me about to take a photo, she would crouch down and say, “Cheese!”

After church, I wanted to take some more pictures of them (I love it when they’re all dressed up).

I asked Penny and Peter to bring their favorite toy down. Penny ran upstairs to look for princess puppy.

She came down with a Little People ice cream truck. I’m pretty sure it’s not her favorite toy, but it’s what she chose.

Peter at first picked up a new favorite book from the library. If you guessed it was Star Wars related, you would be right.

He’s a little obsessed. Then he went and got another favorite toy, and this one I totally believed.

Star Wars Trouble. We played this game at least 1000 times.

I would have liked to get a photo of Lucy with her favorite toy, too, but she was a little preoccupied.

After dinner, we walked across the street to the pier.

Amanda is about 7 months pregnant now. I can’t wait to meet the new little one in August.

The pier has a great view of Lake Michigan.

BUT, it could probably use a few more bars on the fences. It was a little terrifying how easily the kids could slip through them, if someone didn’t hold on to them.

And then it was time for some freeze tag and general running around.

It was a perfect Sunday evening.



  1. cristen · June 12, 2012

    what doll is penny playing with in her first pic there?

    • Amanda · June 13, 2012

      I think it is a Martha Washington doll she got from her Aunt Jenny on a trip to DC.

      • cristen · June 13, 2012

        nice! i was going to say it looked “historical” and reminded me of those little thinker dolls.

  2. Amanda · June 13, 2012

    I’m sooooo prego! It was a beautiful day. I love the lake. The pics of the kids was so cute. I love the ones on the stairs. That is a great staircase. Thanks k8

  3. Sara · June 22, 2012

    I haven’t even met them, but I love your sister and her family. You captured so many beautiful shots of them on your trip. I’m especially loving the pictures on the green chair. Oh, and these kids give me serious hair-envy.

    • katie · June 26, 2012

      Oh, that is so sweet of you. I love them, too! And their hair! 🙂

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