Kenosha in the Spring (pt. 2)

Amanda had a doctor’s appointment the next morning and wanted to look at some vans for sale, so I offered to stay home with the kids. We read books and played with Legos and played Hide and Seek and Monster, Monster and another game that Penny made up called the Tigers and the Unicorns. And then we played Monster Monster, Monster again.

Penny and Lucy are obsessed with this princess book.

Peter pretending to be the monster.

My ability to play for long lengths of time has atrophied slightly since moving back to Utah, so when Penny grabbed her little portable video game and Peter asked to play a game on my phone, I thought it would be a nice break. Lucy felt left out, though, so I gave her my Nintendo DS and let her look at Puzzle Bobble. She had no idea how to play it, but she liked looking at the pretty bubbles.

nice and quiet. thanks gadgets!

Then we decided to go wait on the porch because we knew Amanda would be home any minute.

And we were right. Then it was time to finally get dressed and head up to Milwaukee for an adventure at the children’s museum. Amanda really wanted me to see the amazing sculpture garden at the Milwaukee School of Engineering museum. Lucy fell asleep in the car, though, so she just pulled over and let me run up. I’m so glad because it was awesome!

I loved the monumental size of the sculptures. The theme is Men at Work, and it reminded me of two things: 1) Communist public art and 2) Depression Era art. I didn’t want to take too much time to read anything. I just enjoyed looking around at the sculptures and the view of the city from the rooftop.

(The one on the left is a woman, so it wasn’t just men working.)

Google tells me this is the Milwaukee City Hall. It’s pretty.

I love the textures on this building.

And the rooftop. I’m such a sucker for chimneys and roofs. I’m not sure why that is.

I would love to have visited the rest of the museum (the glimpses I saw from the glass elevator looked promising), but we didn’t have time. We went straight to the children’s museum, which is right next door to the Milwaukee Art Museum and this huge orange asterisk.

Apparently the official name of this sculpture is “The Calling.”

I love the asterisk, but when I was looking online to find out what it was called, all I could find were blogs or articles written by people who hate it. Sorry people. You are wrong. The asterisk is awesome.

The children’s museum is smaller than some others that I have visited, but it’s full of great exhibits for the kids. They love it. Amanda has taken them there lots of times before, but they never seem to tire of it. They eagerly showed me all of their favorite places.

One of their favorite places was a little stage with curtains, scenery, and costumes. They put on some pretty great shows for us.

Here’s a video of Penny and Lucy dancing for us (and two bonuses: Amanda singing and Lucy saying “Princess”)

And no outing to Milwaukee would be complete without Kopp’s Frozen Custard. I tried to find the nearest location by putting “Kopp’s Ice Cream” in my phone and Google wouldn’t even accept it. Because frozen custard is not ice cream; it’s so much better. The flavor of the day was red raspberry, and we loved it.



  1. Amanda · June 6, 2012

    I think you like roof tops and chimneys for the same reason I do “Mary Poppins”. Those were great pictures and you told the story so well. Thanks Katie! Give me more of that Red Raspberry … soooo yummy!

    • katie · June 6, 2012

      Oh totally Mary Poppins! Seems like anything could happen on a rooftop.

  2. breanna · June 21, 2012

    the video is classic! šŸ™‚ i miss y’all…all of y’all!!!!

    • katie · June 21, 2012

      We miss you too!!!

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