Just Married

I had the privilege of attending Jaime’s wedding on Saturday. It was the perfect day for a wedding. I was a little nervous because it had snowed on Friday, but Saturday was all sunny blue skies. It’s amazing how the grounds of the temple have changed over the last two weeks. The pink blossoms I photographed so recently have already disappeared. But don’t worry… there are lots of tulips.

I didn’t attend the ceremony at the temple, but I showed up to greet them as they emerged, newly married. I realized the morning of the wedding that I had actually never met anyone in Jaime’s family, nor had I ever met her fiance. Their courtship started after I left New Orleans. I honestly had no idea who to look for at the temple. I tried looking at photos of Jaime’s family on facebook, but it didn’t help. I ended up wrongly assuming that one group (where the bridesmaids wore grey skirts and yellow heels) were part of her family. Of course the easy thing to do would be to ask, but my shyness always gets the better of me in these situations. I did finally see her photographer, Amee Sorensen. I had met her briefly once in New Orleans when she was there visiting. I talked myself into talking to her and found out that the grey skirts and yellow heels were not Jaime’s family. Most of her family was waiting inside because even though it was sunny, it was a little chilly, especially in the shade. When they came out, we knew we’d see the bride and groom soon. And here they are:

They seem pretty happy, yeah? Like I said, I have never met Jerry, but from what I’ve heard and what I saw that day, they seem perfectly suited to each other. They couldn’t really keep their eyes off each other.

We waited around a bit until it was our turn for the traditional photo of the wedding party on the temple steps.

Then we split up while Jaime and Jerry got their photos taken. I walked around City Creek Mall for a bit (how long do you think until it stops being unbearably crowded?) and then met up with everyone at Cucina Toscana for an incredible meal! It was a small and intimate dinner. Since Jaime and Jerry are both from out of town (I heard they chose Salt Lake so Jaime’s grandma could attend), it was mostly family. I was honored to be a part of it and to get to know some of them better over a lengthy two-hour, four-course meal interspersed with toasts in the bride and groom’s honor (with sparkling cider, of course).

Afterward, we lit the way with sparklers and watched them try to make their rental car, wrapped and decorated by some teen cousins, drivable.

You know, it had been a while since I attended a wedding. I think the last one was my friend Jenn’s four years ago. It was really wonderful to share the night with them and remember how magical the whole thing is. Seriously, two people finding love like that is a little miracle.


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  1. Amanda · April 10, 2012

    I love that last line, about it being magical, “two people finding love is a little miracle.” It’s so true. Thanks for sharing Jaime’s wedding. She’s a great gal. So happy for her.

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