I went to Wheeler Farm with my friend and her family to see the baby animals last week. To be honest, the baby animals were in short supply, but we definitely saw lots of animals. Farms are good for that.

The only baby animals I saw were some baby goats… which are adorable! Have you ever seen them? On my mission in Montana, a girl had a baby goat for a pet named Nesbit. And another family had some baby goats that I fed by bottle once. When they run, they look like they’re dancing and leaping. These baby goats were mostly into eating.

There were some piglets but they stayed inside. The sheep looked like they were about to have some babies, though. I might have to return soon to see.

There are lots of animals of the fowl variety.

I like this duck’s pompadour. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one on a duck before.

I also like how there are lots of little buildings on farms.

And no spring photo venture would be complete without the obligatory photos of blossoms.

One comment

  1. kelliebuelo · April 10, 2012

    I kinda want a goat. Is that weird? I think my dogs would get along with it and it could keep the grass cut for me. Those babies are so cute! I held some baby chicks the other day and just about died from the cuteness.

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