Mobile Monday 40

I was downtown a lot this past week for one reason or another. First, I was scouting out photo locations. I ate lunch at the Nauvoo Cafe, which is located in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. Also in the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, a beautiful chandelier and stained glass ceiling.

I stopped by the new City Creek Center, too, to check it out. It was opening weekend, though, and way too crowded for my liking.

I returned to Temple Square on Tuesday evening to attend the temple. I love the temple grounds at night when all is quiet and I love the way the blossoms look against the blue sky. Regretfully I didn’t bring “the real camera” but the iphone did a fine job.

And then tonight, I stopped by downtown again. I was supposed to attend a church activity at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building, but I couldn’t find any parking, so I decided to drive up to the Capitol and check out the cherry blossoms.

And then, of course, there are a few photos from every day life…

I’ve been sharing some more disposable hipstamatic cameras. Here are some photos from a roll shared with my friend, Taryn. First, she took some in Hawaii (lucky!) and took some gorgeous photos. (Is it possible to take a bad photo in Hawaii?)

And here’s her adorable dog, the Cheat. (Along with a taco dinner I enjoyed.)

Apparently all my photos for Taryn were food-related, especially yummy holiday food.

Kylie and I decided to incorporate a theme with our last roll, so we took photos of the primary colors. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn out as bright as I was hoping because of the camera we chose (there are a few different ones you can select with different effects), but I was still happy with some of them.


One comment

  1. kelliebuelo · April 5, 2012

    ooohhh Katie, I love Mobile Monday. I love your new blog design, too! So much to look at right now! {And oops, totally forgot about our shared Hipstamatic roll, dangit! I’ll get on that!} I love the primary color theme. Can we start over with a theme? 😉

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