round and round

Claire learned to square dance at school, and she’s been talking about it for several months now. When she invited me to see their program last Friday, I just had to go. And it was just as awesome as Claire said it would be.

They performed four square dances, and I was pretty impressed at how well they did. Although, there was one time when it was obvious that someone in Claire’s set didn’t quite follow the steps. A short moment of chaos followed and Claire expressed her dismay (and disgust).

Here they are rolling the barrel.

And doing the Virginia Reel.

The teachers then told the kids to go and pick one of their parents to join them in the Virginia Reel. Claire picked her dad.

Here’s Claire with her parents after the performance.

Then we sent Claire off to class, and I joined Matt and Izzy for brunch at the Blue Plate Diner. That’s the benefit of being an adult. Liam is just a little guy, though, so he got to join us, too.

(I’m so grateful that my work understands the importance of an aunt attending her niece’s school program. Not every place would.)



  1. Erica · March 19, 2012

    This is adorable. And I love her socks and her dress so much. And I want to kiss Liam’s smooshy face.

  2. Amanda · March 19, 2012

    I’m so in love with this post. I love how Claire is so her own person already. She looked beautiful. I can’t believe how she’s grown. I love that Matt got to dance with her. Super cute! I love it all. I love you all! I miss us all! Thanks Katie that was priceless.

  3. sarabaldwin · March 23, 2012

    Haha! This is the best. The timing is funny to me, too, because you just answered a question I brought up with Dick last week – that is, whether or not elementary schools still teach square dancing. I had totally forgotten about square dancing and can’t even remember why I thought of it last week, but we reminisced the good ol’ days, and even did a few do-si-dos around our living room (and I’m sure we looked really cool…not!).

    But you know, I don’t think I ever learned the Virginia Reel, or at least I don’t recognize the name. I just might have to go look that one up and convince Dick to give it another go! Ha.

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