of gardens and parks

I keep hoping that Utah will surprise us with an early spring, but really she just keeps teasing us with some beautiful days followed by cold ones, rain, and snow. Such is a Utah spring. So we have learned to relish the good days and take advantage. Last Saturday was a Katie/Claire day. I have been telling Claire about the secret garden I visited last November, and she really wanted to see it. So we went. It wasn’t as secret and secluded on this visit. We ran into a bride getting her bridal portraits taken and a couple of other people toting cameras around and little kids all dressed up for a family portrait. But Claire picked up on the magic of the place. I found her leaning over the balustrade and looking into the creek that runs through the garden.

And what did she find so fascinating? Apparently there’s a whole world with its own castles and landscapes carved out of the mud at the bottom of the creek.

Then Claire took off running to see all around the garden.

While I took a few pictures.

I came across her pondering the meaning of life (or something) on one of the rustic benches.

I tried to take advantage of the light and get a few pictures of Claire…

and then something tragic happened. The battery on my camera died. Whaaat Whaaa. Luckily, I always have my backup camera (iphone).

And then Mikey called and needed a ride, along with his roommate, because his roommate’s car broke down. So we had to leave. We picked up Mikey and Eric and took them home. But first we convinced Mikey to come along with us on the rest of our adventure. We had another garden to visit.

On one of my visits to Salt Lake when I lived in New Orleans, my friend Alene took me to visit Gilgal Gardens. I thought Claire would find it interesting and Mikey had always wanted to see it, so that was our next stop.

To be honest, I think Claire was a little confused about Gilgal Gardens. But she still enjoyed hanging out with us…

And of course, basking in the sun.

After lunch, we decided to make another detour. Claire always wants to hear stories about when we were kids, and I guess it got us feeling a little sentimental. So we decided to make a pilgrimage to our old house in West Jordan. We lived there for 3 years (I was 9 when we moved). We showed Claire the house and the elementary school we played at (the same one where Amanda and Isabelle tried to spend the night by hiding in the closet and then setting off the alarm and got caught by the police late at night) and we showed her the house her mom lived in when she first met Amanda. (Did you know that Amanda and Izzy were best friends growing up? I can’t remember a time when Isabelle wasn’t part of our family in some way. That’s a great way to have a sister-in-law.) But she was most excited when she saw the park we used to play at. It had a different playground (one of those safe ones since kids these days are such wusses).

And it had a pretty good climbing tree.

And at the top of that tree, some nice spring green buds.



  1. Kristy Campbell Jackson · March 17, 2012

    There are so many cool places in Utah that I’ve never heard about. I’m glad you scout them all out for me. I love that story about Amanda and Isabella hidding out in the school. hahaha!!

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