Mobile Monday 39

Forever ago, I bought a Groupon for use at the Leonardo, Salt Lake’s newest museum. I kept meaning to take Claire on one of our Saturday excursions, but it just never happened. The Groupon expired near the end of February, so Kylie and I went one evening. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the Leonardo, although I have some friends who work/worked there and were always sharing interesting things about it. The Leonardo is an art, technology, and science museum. It had lots of great hands-on exhibits. Unfortunately, we didn’t want to wait around for our turn, so we didn’t get to make our own stop-action video or draw a self-portrait or any number of the other activities there. But we still enjoyed it.

(The Leonardo is located right by the Salt Lake City Library, pictured above. It’s housed in the old library.)

I loved this painting by Steven Larson called Transnational Legend.

Today I drove up to Bountiful to meet my friend, Kellie, for dinner. I got up there a little early and decided to drive around. I went up to the foothills near the Bountiful Temple. It has the best view from there.

I also looked for the house of my Grandma Elaine. She wasn’t my biological grandmother, but a very dear and wonderful woman after whom I was named (Katie Elaine). I loved visiting her house when I was younger. It was full of fascinating things, a grand piano, a drum set, and books. But best of all, they had a great deck overhanging a little stream and it had a tire swing. The weird thing about being an adult is that there are all these places I had a strong connection to, but I had no idea where they were. I had to go by association and memory, but I found it (I think). It’s a little house off the main road. The first picture below is the side view. Because of the way it’s situated, I couldn’t see it from the front. I miss my Grandma Elaine, and I also miss her house.

The photo above on the right is from dinner. Kellie and I went to a place called Thyme & Seasons. I wrote about it (and shared a picture of my dinner) over at My Sloppy Heart. It was definitely one of my more interesting (and delicious) dining experiences in the Salt Lake area.

While I was killing time in Bountiful, I stopped by Barnes & Noble to browse around. Lately, I’ve loved checking out the children’s section. I always look to see if they have copies of my brother’s book. (I didn’t see any, so they must be sold out.) I stumbled upon this edition of Anne of Green Gables.

I kind of love this cover. It’s striking and different from the typical Anne books. I like the mischievous face of Anne. I tried to figure out who illustrated it, but I couldn’t find the credit on the cover. My Internet research didn’t help, either. I think it looks quite a bit like Charlie and Lola, so I looked up that illustrator, Lauren Child. (By the way, I really love the design of her website, despite the music that you can’t turn off). But Anne isn’t included in her list of books. Anyway, I’m a sucker for a good book cover. It really does make a difference.


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  1. izzy · March 8, 2012

    As far as I know that is Laurent Child’s. I read itsomewhere but that she did the cover…

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