Millcreek Canyon

It was so sunny on Friday when I left work that I wanted to go somewhere, but I wasn’t sure where. At the last minute, I decided to drive up Millcreek Canyon and see what I could see. To be honest, it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. I think I imagined it looking like the canyons on the San Juan Skyway, but Millcreek is kind of a small canyon and half of it was closed. Plus, I imagine that most of the really beautiful stuff would be found if I actually got out of my car and went snow-shoeing or hiking or something outdoorsy like that. So at first I was a little disappointed. But I was determined to take some photos, so I started looking at it a different way. I saw how the sun fell just on the tip of the mountain and the moon already peeking in the sky.

I liked how the light lit up the bare branches and made the trees look like cobwebs.

And there’s always something enticing about a curving road.

I went all the way to top (as far as I could go), but I think I knew the whole time that what I really wanted to see was the view on the way down.


One comment

  1. krisgal · February 15, 2012

    Beautiful photos! I love them all, but most especially that last one with the rays of sun.

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