Mobile Monday 37

Oh hey, remember Mobile Monday? Yeah, I haven’t done one of these since back in September! I was flipping through my mobile photos the other day and realized just how many I had that weren’t getting shared anywhere. Except for on instagram because they kind of force you to share them there. (Does anyone else wish there was an option to not share? Sometimes I just want to use their filters.) Anyway, I thought I’d revive Mobile Monday tonight. I’m not going to attempt to share three/four months of photos, but I thought I’d share a few from the last month that didn’t make it as part of my photo-a-day project. So let’s get started.

Remember when I went to the Dinosaur Museum at the beginning of January? They have bugs in amber for whenever Jurassic Park gets started and prehistoric fish bones.

Afterward, we saw some more current wildlife at Cabela’s (even if some of them are stuffed).

I came home one day from work to find Liam at the house with my mom. Such a nice surprise.

I went to a few bookstores this past month. I love the old books at the new Weller Book Works. They have such great bindings. And we found my brother’s book on display at Barnes and Noble. (Or we might have put it on display for them.)

While browsing the young adult section, I found a travesty in the world of literature. Just look at these covers.

Aren’t they wretched?! But I did find some cute books. I especially love the Pride and Prejudice board book and kind of want it for myself.

My mom and I went to see Rigoletto at Capitol Theater a couple of weeks ago. It was absolutely wonderful, but part of the fun was just being downtown. On the side of the theater, they have these thank you notes from kids painted on the wall. My mom and I walked along and read them all. I loved them.

I drove up to the Ogden area to have dinner with my friend, Kellie. To get there, I took the Legacy Highway for the first time. It’s a controversial highway that took a long time to build because of the environmental impact. To be honest, I don’t know much about it except that it was controversial. I guess it did eventually get built, but I was surprised to find that it is now a scenic byway. Say what? I guess the ecosystem it ruined is what now makes it scenic. Ever since I left byways, they just let any road become a byway. I have never really been to Ogden, so I drove around just a bit. It got dark too quickly, and it was a rather cold day. I guess I’ll have to return.

Here’s just some random pictures from driving around town. I guess if I’m going to take pictures while driving (and let’s face it, I have been doing this for years), I should really clean my windshield.

And two random ones. Kylie and I discovered recently that we have the exact same wallets, unbeknownst to us. When I was dropping Izzy back at her house after we went out to dinner and to the bookstore one night, I popped inside to say hello. I found out what Matt and Claire had been up to in our absence, and it made me smile.

Finally, I heard about a great little app for the iphone called pocketbooth. As the name suggests, it simulates a good old-fashioned photo booth. You can even have your strip printed off and sent to you.


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  1. krisgal · February 8, 2012

    Yay! I’m so pleased Mobile Monday is back – I’ve been missing it. I love the random photos you capture on your mobile phone, and though I don’t advocate taking photos while driving, I do always love the pictures of the roads and buildings you capture as you drive by. I love the “look” photo here most of all, though I assume you weren’t driving when you took that photo.

    You are right, those Jane Austen covers are just tacky. I totally want the board book though! I need to get Tess started early on her love for Jane Austen!

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