2011 in Review

I’ve seen a couple of these posts by the few friends I have that still blog (thanks a lot, facebook, for ruining blogging) and I love to be reminded of the year. Then I went back through my archives for 2011 and reminisced. Might as well make my reminiscing public, right? Plus, it’s kind of fun to have all sorts of important things in one place.


Visited the swamp for the first time as part of my bucket list of things to do before moving from New Orleans. I should have gone there more often.

Penny Lane turned 2! (Can you believe she’s already turning 3 this month?)


Moved back to Utah and started a new job.


Went to California for the WritersUA Conference. Basked in the sun. Visited the Getty.


Flew back to New Orleans for a visit.

Liam turned one year old! Peter turned 4 the next day, but for the first time ever, I wasn’t there. (sad face.)


Claire and I went to the Living Traditions Festival, one of the many Claire/Katie Days we had this year. Apparently I was a bad blogger in May. I never blogged about our visit to the Copper Pit or the ghost town of Eureka.


Claire turned 8!

Claire and I went to Lagoon.


Lucy turned 1!

I had lots of fun with the Nicholases while they were in town. We visited Cache Valley and Wheeler Farm, and I attempted to take some fun photos.


August was apparently unremarkable. But I did go to a pool with Claire.


In September, I got to spend time with my friend Kristy and meet her daughter, Tess.

We also went to a baseball game.


I traveled the San Juan Skyway in Colorado.


I turned 33 years old.

Spent Thanksgiving (and a little longer) in Kenosha.


Got my craft on and made some ornaments.

Enjoyed the Christmas lights at Temple Square. And spent lots and lots of time with family.

2011 brought some big changes in my life, and I feel like it was a good springboard for the future. In 2012, I’m excited to accomplish some of the goals I set in motion last year. Despite the fact that I have to put up with both election and Olympic coverage this year, I think it’s going to be a pretty great one.



  1. Senja · January 4, 2012

    you always take so beautiful photos 🙂

  2. katie · January 5, 2012

    Aww… thanks Senja!

  3. Amanda · January 6, 2012

    this was really fun seeing the year like this. you do a great job of pulling out highlights and your pictures as always are perfect. It was a great year:) PS can I get a copy of that picture of the temple lights at the end … please.

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