Christmas 2011

When I was younger, I always bemoaned the fact that my family didn’t have a lot of traditions. Our Christmas celebration was different almost every year as we tried new things. One year we read the account in Luke before opening presents. One year we picked names (but we all agreed that only getting one present made for a disappointing Christmas). One year we sang songs. The only one that really stuck were having a nice dinner on Christmas Eve with the good china, the sterling silver, and the crystal, but the menu was generally open. Many of my friends had all sorts of traditions, like Christmas pajamas, lining up steps, caroling, a certain breakfast menu, etc. etc. Somehow, I felt like the lack of tradition meant that our family wasn’t bound together strong enough.

Of course, then my parents divorced and the family did change. I wouldn’t say we weren’t bound together, though. In fact, we grew even closer. I realized this year that it isn’t the traditions that bind us. It’s (as cheesy as this sounds) the love we have for each other. So we still have a fancy-ish dinner on Christmas Eve, but now we also open presents too. It’s what works best with the in-laws. Plus, we have the added bonus of opening presents with the cheery Christmas lights twinkling. Here are a few photos from the day and night.

Mom gave Claire a little mp3 player. I filled it with great music, but all Claire cares about right now is that it has Phantom of the Opera on it. She loves that play.

Claire made some special presents for each of us. I wish I had pictures of all of them, but I just got a few reactions.

Matt gave us all copies of his book with special inscriptions. Mikey even got special wrapping paper.

I had spent a good week searching different Wal-marts, Targets, Shopkos, and Kmarts all across the valley to find all of the Cars 2 race cars for Peter. (Mikey helped finance the gift.) The reaction was more than I could hope for.

I got too caught up in most of the unwrapping to take too many other photos, but I have to say, it was a great Christmas. I hope yours was too!


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