Visiting Kenosha (Part 4)

On the first day of December, we went to the beach.

Sure, we had to wear our coats, but hey, it was still the beach. There was still plenty of digging around in sand and looking for shells and climbing up slides (but deciding it was maybe a little too high) and twirling around and posing and watching the seagulls. Basically, it was just pretty great.

I ended up extending my stay in Kenosha by four days. I just wasn’t ready to leave. Even though I ended up with a cracked iPhone screen and a cold, it was still a good decision. Somehow, though, I didn’t end up taking any more pictures. Amazing, I know. I really liked Kenosha. I didn’t get any pictures of the town, but we drove around quite a bit. It seems like every time we planned to go somewhere, the girls would fall asleep in the car, so we’d just keep driving and checking out the houses. Kenosha has some darling houses. I’m looking forward to visiting again when it’s warmer.


One comment

  1. Amanda · December 16, 2011

    Wow, our lake michigan looks lovely! That really was a fun day!

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