Visiting Kenosha (Part 1)

I couldn’t wait to get to Kenosha on Thanksgiving Day and see Amanda’s family in their new home. I knew that the end of November wasn’t the ideal time to visit Wisconsin, but I couldn’t wait until spring, so Thanksgiving it was. And sure, we didn’t spend a lot of time outdoors, but I got to spend lots and lots of time with these little munchkins.

I couldn’t believe how much Lucy had grown! Last time I saw her in July, she had just turned one year old and was barely walking. Now she’s running all around and saying all sorts of words. But Penny Lane had also grown and changed a lot. They are all so much fun. And they were so excited to see me. Mostly because they knew that I brought video games on my phone with me.

We did have a picnic at Carthage College on Friday afternoon. It was even warm enough for us to eat outside.

And on Saturday, we visited the Kenosha Public Museum. I was expecting a dinky little town museum, but it was really impressive! It shares the story of Kenosha from prehistoric times to today. It has all sorts of dioramas and bones and recreations, like this one of how the early peoples used all parts of the woolly mammoth.

And there is a prehistoric shark. (Warning, the next picture is a little disturbingly scary.)

Don’t forget the actual woolly mammoth bones and the taxidermic wolves.

On the upper story, they have these awesome dioramas of Renaissance artist studios that show the scale of the sculptures. I wish I could have gotten a better picture, but here’s Michelangelo’s studio.

The upper story also has an excellent view of Lake Michigan.

And one evening, even though it was drizzling a little, I walked around the Kemper Center located conveniently right next to their new house. The Kemper Center is large and beautiful. Part of it is this charming little chapel.

It sits right on the shore of Lake Michigan, which was foggy and lovely.

Mike and Peter came along with me to kick the ball on the grounds.

More photos from Kenosha to come.


  1. Amanda · December 7, 2011

    Wow! I’m loving these pics. What a fun trip! We miss you lady!

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