Birthday Saturday

My birthday was on Saturday. Aren’t Saturday birthdays the best? I got to spend the whole day doing whatever I wanted. I decided to finally get a library card to the city library.

I had a whole list of books that I wanted to check out to read on my flight to Wisconsin on Thursday. Unfortunately, none of them were at the library. I’m really loving young adult novels at the moment, so I picked up a few that looked good. They are both about girls who suddenly find themselves in Europe with nothing to do but fall in love. Sounds perfect!

I planned to visit the Church History Museum next because there is an exhibit I wanted to see of paintings of rural Utah. But I had a better offer. Matt called and offered to take me out for lunch. Liam was still napping, so I drove up to their house. I was worried about the weather for my birthday weekend. It snowed on Friday night, and I didn’t want it to be another dreary gray Saturday. The Birthday Gods must have been smiling down on me, though, because it was the perfect kind of Saturday in winter. The snow from the night before blanketed the ground, but it was sunny and bright.

Once the baby awoke, we picked up Claire and drove back downtown to Gourmandise. They have really good sandwiches, but the real reason for going is all of the pastries.

We finished lunch just in time for me to catch the movie I wanted to see, Like Crazy. (Quick Review: I liked it! But it’s not my new favorite movie.) I came out just in time to see the sun lighting up the reflective buildings and the snowy foothills.

My mom and I went to dinner that night and watched a movie. It was a pretty perfect day. Here’s me at 33:

I decided to attempt one of those 365 projects with a photo a day. I’ve never been very good at keeping up with them, but hey, why not document my 33rd year. If you want to follow along, I’ve resurrected my old tumblr – My Sloppy Heart – for the project.

(I’m headed to Wisconsin tomorrow to keep up my tradition of spending Thanksgiving with Mike and Amanda, so I won’t be blogging for a bit. I just cannot wait to see Peter, Penny Lane, and Lucy. Amanda posted a video on their blog yesterday, and I think I’ve watched it approximately 10 times. They’re just too adorable.)



  1. senja · November 29, 2011

    what a fun way to celebrate a birthday and the cakes look delicious 🙂

  2. Amanda · December 6, 2011

    Katie I’m glad you had a happy birthday and it was beautiful. I love the pictures of the cakes. It reminds me of the Frosty the Snowman book.

  3. kelliebuelo · December 10, 2011

    Yay for the 365 project – this will be so fun! And you are too cute.

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