Plains/Thompson Falls, MT: April – July 2001

Possibly the most beautiful area in which I served during my whole mission was Plains/Thompson Falls. Theses are actually two small towns in Northwestern Montana. We lived in Plains (officially known as Wild Horse Plains), but also covered the congregation in Thompson Falls, about 30 minutes northwest.

The A is Plains, and the B is Thompson Falls.

Have you ever been to Northwestern Montana? It’s basically heaven on earth. I know I might be biased, but I think there are many people who would agree. It probably helps that I was there over the summer, so it was perfect weather. I loved just being in Plains/Thompson Falls. It was gorgeous. When I first arrived, my companion was Sister Workman, and one of our friends in the area quipped that Armstrong and Workman sounded like a formidable companionship. We sounded tough.

Wait, did you see that backdrop? Yep, that’s what we got to look at every day. Those are the mountains we got to drive around in. That was the river we walked by and the cliffs we climbed.

And of course, there were wonderful people in Plains, too. Here are two of my very favorites, Craig and Polly.

Polly even celebrated my one-year mark with us by burning a bra in their backyard.

After six weeks, I got a new companion, Sister Stewart. She is one of my favorites. I even visited her in Canada many years ago.

One of my proudest moments was winning the cleanest truck award at zone conference. Look how shiny.

I always hoped to serve in Whitefish during my mission since my grandparents lived there, I had once lived there, and I grew up vacationing there every summer. For most of my mission, though, no missionaries were assigned to Whitefish, a small touristy town. Plains was the closest I got. We once had a zone conference in Polson, Montana, which was about a two hour drive from Plains. I got special permission to spend the night at my grandpa’s house, which was probably about the same distance away, to be honest. But it was so fun to show Stewart all my old haunts. And of course, spend time with my grandparents.

I did lots of tough stuff in Plains. First of all, we drove a truck. I know it was a mini truck, but still, that automatically made me feel tough. Then, I helped bale hay, and I even helped get fire wood.

During our drives, we often came across interesting signs.

After I took the picture with the trespassers sign, a man shouted from below, “Hey, you! What are you doing?!” I nervously called back, “Uh, hi, uh, I was just, uh, taking a picture with your sign…” And he responded, “Oh yeah, that. It’s pretty funny, huh?”

For the Fourth of July, we went to our very first rodeo and stayed up to watch the fireworks.

Soon after, Stewart and I were both transferred out of Plains and they closed the area to missionaries. We were shocked and sad to leave. It was such a beautiful place to live.



  1. Amanda · November 21, 2011

    What do I say. There are sooo many fun pictures. I’m loving the burning of the bra. i’d never heard of that before. The signs are so funny. I’m gonna make that trespassing as a gift for Mike this next Father’s Day. It’s fun to see your clothing, I recognize most of it. it’s like visiting an old friend. And I think I have that plaid jumper of yours:) Guess it’s time to say “Good bye” to it and send it to the Good Will.

  2. Tiffang · April 9, 2012

    I have some of those same pictures–only with me in them! I didn’t know the missionaries moved out to Plains! So cool 🙂 Love Craig and Polly. Thank you for sharing!

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