Ghosts of Halloweens Past

Remember how I found an old photo album recently? Well, it also had these gems in it.

These photos were taken on my mission in Montana. I was serving in a little town called Corvallis with Kimberley Bernhoft, and our ward had a Halloween party. Of course we wanted to go, but we had to come up with costumes. There was a woman in the ward who owned a costume shop, and she let us come by on Halloween day and pick out something from the leftovers. We first tried the Popeye and Olive Oil ensembles, but we then we felt like we needed something a little more thematic for missionaries. So we created our own costumes (using some wigs and other paraphernalia from the costume shop) and went as Super Scripture Women! I don’t know why we didn’t keep the alliteration going with Super Scripture Sisters. Looking back, it seems like we really missed the obvious there.

We had just received our brand new Schwinn bikes (provided by the ward and stake since we had to share a car with the elders), so we couldn’t wait to ride them over to the church. We didn’t get to use them for very long because, as you can imagine, the roads were soon covered with layers of ice and snow. But we got to use them that night, and I’m pretty sure we looked amazing pedaling down Highway 269 with our capes flying behind us.

(Next month marks my ten year anniversary of returning home from my mission, so I’ve been a little nostalgic recently.)

I hope you have plenty of trick-or-treaters this Halloween.



  1. kylie · October 31, 2011

    Wow, you guys look excellent!

  2. kimmie · November 2, 2011

    OHHHH!!!!! The memories!!!! Yea, why didn’t we come up with SSS? Ha ha! We really did look awesome!

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