Project Seamstress

Let me introduce you to my mom’s Bernina from the 1970s. It was the first major purchase she made after graduating (with her masters, btw) and starting her profession as a teacher.

It is in the hip color of the season, that classic avocado green. I absolutely love it. When I was little, I was fascinated by the little drawers (sadly one is cracked now) and all the different feet and thimbles and bobbins. Not enough to ever really learn how to sew, though. I have sewn a few things (easy skirts), but it’s been several years. I remember my mom sewing quite often when I was little, and then whenever I needed something custom-made (a certain bridesmaid dress comes to mind or a costume for the school play), my mom would pull out the machine. It is stored in a huge green suitcase and it is very heavy. Lately, though, it has had a permanent place at our kitchen table as my mom is carefully crafting some princess dresses for Penny Lane. When Claire slept over a few weeks ago, my mom introduced her to the Bernina and taught her how to sew a little bag.

I would say that maybe after starting at an early age, Claire will have a leg up at winning Project Runway, but as we learned tonight on the season 9 finale, you don’t have to have sewing skills to win (anya). And while we’re on the subject, my friend Cristen made this:

Ha! Anyway, Claire sewed up an adorable drawstring bag and then embroidered a flower on it. And somehow I didn’t get a picture of the completed project. It might have been because I was busy making banana bread.

We’re a pretty domestic bunch.


One comment

  1. anyonesews · October 28, 2011

    I bought my Bernina in 1979. It is not as old as your mom’s but I plan to post some pictures this weekend. Watch my blog for them!

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