Ouray to Cortez

When I woke up in Ouray last Saturday morning, the town was blanketed in snow. I walked up the street to a bakery and picked up the most delicious breakfast croissant I have ever had (if you’re ever in the area, it was from Artisan Bakery).

And then I was on the road again.

You know, I have not really been looking forward to the approaching winter. I caught the tail end of it last year after moving back from New Orleans and it mostly felt long and dreary. But seeing the first snow settled atop the fields and mountains actually made me a little excited. It all looked like a Christmas card. I’ll probably hate it again in February and March (and probably April), but right then, it was simply beautiful.

The benefit of driving by myself was that I could pull off whenever and wherever I wanted. Whenever I saw a forest access road, I’d take it and go exploring.

The downside is that there’s no one to take a picture of you, so I tried to take one of myself.

I had a hard time holding the camera far enough away, so I tried another approach.

Yeah, that didn’t work out so well either. I guess I could have set the self-timer, but I was a little nervous about putting it on top of the car. I just kept imagining it falling off. Anyway, one of my little detours took me past Trout Lake (if I remember correctly).

Apparently, I never met a scenic overlook that I didn’t want to stop at.

Driving the Skyway (as we byways enthusiasts call it) took me up over the San Juan Mountains and back down to the plateaus near Cortez where I settled in for the night.


  1. b.e.fore · October 16, 2011
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