Mobile Monday 36

I guess I took quite a long break from posting some mobile photos. I thought about just giving it up all together, but then I had a few pictures that I wanted to share and it just seemed like such a convenient way to post photos that wouldn’t otherwise see the light of the computer screen. So let’s play catch up a little.

I remember one summer stormy kind of day when I was on my way to Fort Union, and the clouds were just so pretty, I took some pictures at stop lights.

A few Saturdays later, I was again in the south end of the valley, so I decided to check out the new Draper Temple. I just drove past to see it up close since I had never been there. It’s quite beautiful.

Too bad it’s surrounded by Draper-style mansions…

I spent an evening with friends at the Nickelcade one weekend. That place is not as fun as I remember.

A few more pictures of sights whilst driving.

I was all alone for Labor Day dinner, so I stopped by the very first KFC. It wasn’t really worth it. I also discovered that one of the benefits of having really big sunglasses is that you can wear them over your regular glasses (6 eyes).

When we went to the fair a few weeks ago, the one thing my mom really wanted to see was the County Exhibits, where each county in Utah sets up an exhibit about their unique qualities. She remembered those as being really great, but they ended up being kind of hit or miss. The best one, though, was for Cache County – my mom’s home county and the locale of Utah State University. The rooster was made out of different kinds of beans. Awesome! Also awesome? The first-prize winning replica of the TARDIS.

I spent all of work last week at a convention at the Salt Palace. It was nice to work downtown for a bit, although my commute to West Valley is actually easier (even though it’s further for me), so I don’t mind being back at the office.

My friends had told me about the NPS store where you can find all sorts of random and wonderful things. I kept meaning to stop by and see for myself but never got around to it. Until Friday. It wasn’t exactly what I expected, but my favorite room was full of different figurines… like one of Jack Sparrow and a play on Degas’ ballerina. (They also have a reproduction of Sauron’s helmet, if you’re in the market.)

Finally, I went to ikea on Saturday with Claire. We basically just went for lunch, but we also like exploring the small apartments, and Claire loves to imagine decorating her own room.

Ok, now I’m all caught up. I’m not sure if I’ll be doing a Mobile Monday every week, but maybe every other week or once a month or just whenever.



  1. Erica · September 27, 2011

    I love your face. Especially in those sunglasses.

    Also, the very first KFC was in Utah? Why isn’t it UFC then?

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