Take Me to the Fair

Last week, we all went to the Utah State Fair. There’s just something about a fair that seems nostalgic, so I thought I’d turn my photos into poladroids.

We visited the animals first.

This baby cow was born only 5 hours before we arrived. We couldn’t pet him, but we could pet the goats…

and the piggies.

I love the old buildings that house the animals.

After eating some un-fair-like food (gyros and pizza… we didn’t see the good stuff until after we ate. boo.), we checked out the creative arts, including my favorite fair art work – the butter sculpture. (The dahlia won Best in Show.)

Claire really wanted to go on some rides, and the first one she chose was a Super Mario themed fun house. I don’t think it’s sanctioned by Nintendo, though, because the art work was not quite up to par.

She also tried the Fun Slide and the Pharoah’s Fury (a.k.a. the mini Tidal Wave).

While the rest of us just enjoyed the bright lights and atmosphere… and the mini donuts. Seriously, the mini donuts were really good.


One comment

  1. Amanda · September 28, 2011

    I love the fair! The pics are great! I love Matt Matt with baby boy:)

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