This Is the Place

It had been a while since Claire and I had one of our Katie/Claire days, so on Saturday I stopped by their house to see if she wanted to hang out. I found Claire in her room, laying on her bed, listening to an iPod. She had just written down all of the lyrics to the Cure’s “The Lovecats.” Claire told her dad the other day that she’s “really into music right now.” This makes us all really happy. I asked her if she wanted to go to the Avenues Street Fair with me, and she jumped at the chance, even though she was sick. We drove up to the festival, but we couldn’t find any convenient parking, so we thought we’d try the Greek Fest downtown instead, but no luck with parking there either unless we wanted to pay. Claire casually mentioned around this time that if she could go anywhere for lunch, she would want to go to Chuck-a-Rama. For my non-Utah readers, Chuck-a-Rama is basically like a Golden Corral. And she also mentioned that she’d like to visit the This Is the Place Heritage Park some time. So I took the hint and we decided to skip the festivals and head to Chuck-a-Rama instead. After enjoying some mashed potatoes and buttered scones and a make-your-own-sundae dessert bar, we went half-way up Emigration Canyon to the park. I have never been inside the park, but I’ve seen the monuments to the Mormon Battalion and the Pony Express. They are gigantic.

These gorgeous fall blooms lined the pathway from the visitor center to the park.

The park has a train that you can hop on and off to view the sights.

We first hopped off at the Brigham Young Forest Farmhouse because it was the last tour of the day. I love the steep gables and the pink exterior with the white gingerbread. It’s just so adorable. Apparently it was originally located in Sugar House, and a few of Brigham Young’s wives lived in it. Brigham Young would visit to check on the farm where they were experimenting with what kinds of food would grow in Utah.

The interior was pretty, too. All of the window trim was painted light blue. It was just so serene inside and full of beautiful antiques.

We hopped back on the train and passed some log cabins.

We also passed a cute little village that you can explore, but Claire didn’t want to get off the train, so we kept going. Claire also wanted to take some pictures, so I handed over my camera. She did a pretty good job! (I just cropped a few of these.)

Of course, she wanted to get off to explore the pirate ship (in reality, a replica of the ships that transported some of the Mormon pioneers to California). We found out you can also search for gold in the creek.

She found some! (fool’s gold, that is. She got to keep 5 small pieces.)

It started to rain just as we got to the creek. I hoped it was just a small shower, but it quickly turned into more of a storm. They closed down the area because of lightning in the distance and lightning and water don’t mix very well if you want to stay alive. We had to wait for a while for the train to come back, though, so I used my time taking photos of the lake with the storm rolling in…

When we got off the train at the visitor center, it was a downpour. We tried to wait it out inside for a bit, but we wanted to make it home in time to greet Grandma when she arrived from Wisconsin. I was really disappointed that our time at the This Is the Place Heritage Park was cut so short. I wanted to explore some more. I guess we’ll have to go back.



  1. Kate · September 16, 2011

    Please tell Claire that I love her style! That dress/Chuck Taylor combo is solid gold. We need to go shopping together so she can help me modernize my style.

  2. kylie · September 16, 2011

    Seriously! Claire looks so adorable in that dress! She’s so awesome. 🙂

  3. Jenn · September 16, 2011

    Wow, Katie that last picture is gorgeous!

  4. izzy · September 17, 2011

    what beautiful pictures of roo. Katie you are truly the best. love you!

  5. Amanda · September 18, 2011

    I wish we could’ve been there. Claire looked adorable as always! Miss y’all!

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