Mobile Monday 35

I didn’t get around to posting Mobile Monday last week because Claire spent the night and we were busy having fun. So I have two weeks’ worth of photos to post. Two weeks ago, I returned to the Oquirrh Mountain Temple. One of the counselors in my bishopric was the project manager for the construction of the temple and had shown us all slides from the construction the Sunday before, so I wanted to see it again. It has a 15-foot Swarovski crystal chandelier that is simply amazing. And the weather was much nicer on this visit than on my last one. I love the view of the valley from outside the temple doors.

Here are two pictures that don’t have much to do with anything.

Last Saturday (er… the one before last), I met up with Alene for the guns n’ hoses baseball game where the Fire Department goes head to head with the Sheriff’s Office. It was the perfect night for a baseball game. And I was glad to know that the mascots from the olympics – Powder, Copper, and Coal – still make appearances.

Claire slept over again on Friday, and we accidentally had a mask-themed night. We started making masks just for fun.

Then, while making cookies, we started listening to Phantom of the Opera (purely by coincidence) which led to actually watching the movie. We had big plans for Saturday. On our way to the rodeo, we passed by a Training Table, and for some reason, I started telling Claire about how each table has its own phone that you use for ordering your food. She really liked the idea, so when I asked her what she wanted to do on our Katie/Claire Saturday, she said she wanted to go to that place where you order with the phone. So we went to Training Table.

We wrote down our order (chicken fingers, a guacamole bacon burger, cheese fries, rootbeer float, and a Diet Coke) and Claire practiced saying the order a few times. Then she called and placed it. She did a perfect job. The food was ok.

Twenty minutes afterward, we went swimming at the Murray Pool, and I went on a waterslide for the first time ever. We got popsicles, and I got a really bad sunburn on my back and shoulders. It hurts to sleep at night. But it was totally worth it.

An undocumented but significant event this weekend was that I got to meet up for dinner with my old friend, Julie, from Smith. We haven’t talked (other than facebook) for 12 years. It was so great to see her again and catch up. I don’t totally love facebook, but I love that it made that reunion possible.



  1. izzythecake · August 20, 2011

    Really? First water slide ever? Wow, you have been missing out. BTW you are the best. I got all happy and teary looking at the pics of claire and knowing what awesome memories you are creating together. Love you lady.

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