starry starry starry

Have you been a visitor of this blog for a while and always wished I wrote more about my internal thoughts? Well, the day has come where you have instant access to all my rambles. Just click here to visit my new(ish) blog, starry starry starry.

But Katie, you ask, why not just write those rambles here? Why do you I have to add another blog to my reader? I don’t know. I guess I feel like I’ve got a certain style on this blog that I don’t want to mess up. Plus, I know there are readers out there who just want to see pictures and read brief descriptions and don’t like to read long entries. So I decided to keep it separate.

It’s actually a blog that I have been sporadically writing on for a year or so, but privately. I decided to make it a little more public now because it gives me some more accountability if I know people are reading it. The idea behind it is to force myself to think more analytically and then write out my thoughts. I feel like I’ve gotten into the habit of just listening (or reading) to what other people think and not contributing to the discussion. I still don’t know what topics the other blog will cover or how often I will write, but I am hoping to do so regularly. So take a look if you want and feel free to leave comments and add to the conversation. Or just stick to this blog. I just wanted to let people know about the other one just in case.



  1. sarabaldwin · August 2, 2011

    Yay! More blogging from you! I always enjoy this one. I’ll be stopping by and reading the new one… Hope that’s okay! 🙂

    • katie · August 2, 2011

      Sara, I would be honored!

  2. Dixonary · August 2, 2011

    I’m adding it to my reader now!

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