Mobile Monday 34

This is the only picture I took on my phone last week.

It was Saturday night, and we had just gone to four different bakeries trying to find one that was open and not too crowded. We never succeeded.

It was a good week, though. I said good-bye to my family as they headed back to Wisconsin. I met up with my old high school friends for a catch-up and we sat outside for hours talking. I love how we can go without seeing each other for months or years and yet when we meet up again, it’s like no time has past. That’s how I know we are truly friends.

I was going to blog last night about our trip to Wheeler Farm, and I put on a show to “watch” while I blogged. Then I got so caught up in the show that I never got around to blogging. Or putting away my laundry. It was the 2010 series of Upstairs, Downstairs. Now I want to watch the original series from the 70s.

I learned how to play Carcassone, and I did some online shopping. And that was my week. Now it’s August, and I kind of wish I was getting ready for school to start. Didn’t you just love shopping for school supplies and stocking up on notebooks and gel pens? I still find myself perusing the aisles of endless school supplies at the store and just wishing I had a reason to buy them.

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