Mobile Monday 33

I got back to my Western roots this week. I took a few days off work so I could spend some more time with Mike, Amanda, and the kids while they were in town. We went to Wheeler Farm, where we saw farming as it was done in the early days of Utah. And old-timey candy.

I took Claire to a night of rodeo and reminisced about the two that I saw in Montana all those years ago. The only downside was that it was indoors. I missed enjoying the summer night along with our kettle corn and bronco bucking.

And finally, I enjoyed the mountains. We went up to Silver Lake, a short loop around a lake near one of the ski resorts. If it seems familiar, it’s because I went there on a visit back to Salt Lake a few years ago. It’s still beautiful.

I guess my activities this week were pretty timely since the state celebrates its founding today. Not that I got the day off work or anything. Seriously, if the pioneers can’t even give me a day off work, what was all that sacrifice and hard work for?


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