Mobile Monday 32

I have just under 4 minutes to publish this post and have it still truly be Monday. Maybe I should come up with something called “Didn’t Get Around To It Tuesday”? Anyway… Here are just a few shots from the week.

On Tuesday, the latest installment of GRR Martin’s series A Song of Ice and Fire was released. I bought the book for my brother as a birthday present. He picked it up and then he and my other brother had a reading party. I was planning to borrow the book after Mikey finished it, so I ended up having a girls’ night with Izzy and Claire (and Liam, of course). We played rock band for a bit (I’m so pleased my 10 years of piano lessons has made it possible for me to play the keyboard on medium… yep… awesome) and then retired to the front lawn where we enjoyed creamies and the sunset. We also taught Claire how to play BS and were a little concerned at how easily she lied. “Oh… there they are….” she would casually say as she put down four Aces. Yeah, right.

I really love the winding road I take to work every day. It’s lined by trees and flowers. It almost makes me excited to go to work in the morning. At least, it definitely makes me smile. I planned to go to the Salt Lake Temple on Saturday, but when I got there, it was closed for its annual two-week maintenance/cleaning/etc. Probably should have looked at the schedule before-hand. No problem, though, because then I was able to do something almost as therapeutic. I bought some new shoes. But the picture below doesn’t include that. It does include part of the Eagle Gate off South Temple and State Street.

And then it was a slow week until Sunday. Mike, Amanda, et al were driving back to Utah from Idaho and we decided to rendezvous in Logan and visit our cousins. On the way up, Mom and I stopped in Brigham City to get a closer look at the temple being constructed there. It’s right across the street from the Box Elder Tabernacle, so we looked around for a bit.

I love all the details in these pioneer-era buildings. One of my favorite features at the tabernacle (although not pictured) is that they have a vertical pocket door to close off the main room from the overflow. It’s a beautiful, hand-carved door that slides out of the ceiling. So much prettier than the plastic accordion doors used in most chapels. I’m also curious about these two thumbs on the post near the podium. At least, they look like thumbs. But why thumbs?

My mom grew up on a farm in Smithfield. Her older brother and his wife still live on the property and most of their seven children live nearby. They all have families of their own now and when I visit, I realize just how old I am. Children that I remember being born are graduating from high school. Little girls who were once babies are now composing and performing their own musical numbers. It’s a frightening and amazing experience. Also, summer nights out at the farm could not be more perfect.

(So it’s a little after 12, but whatever… I totally started this post on a Monday. Now it’s time for bed.)

p.s. I ended up getting the audiobook for Dancing with the Dragons* and listened to it pretty much all week. I finished it today, so I am dying to give away spoilers if anyone wants them.

*It’s actually called A Dance with Dragons, but I’ve enjoyed calling it by different titles, such as Dirty Dancing with Dragons, Dances with Dragons, and my new favorite (coined by my friend, Damian) So You Think You Can Dance with Dragons (SYTYCDWD).


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